Before that, after a variety show me and my agent was broadcast, a special woman caught the audiences eye. She was Yang naivete.

For a long time, the income of artists is something that everyone avoids talking about. However, in me and my agent, Yang Naizhen directly exposed the stars film remuneration. Of course, what she said is not a first-line or second-line star, which violates the rules of the circle. However, for those eight line stars, Yang naivete is very frank about their income. About a million! Yang naivetes seemingly careless words directly stunned the audience.

Later, Yang naivete explained that the 1 million yuan is all the remuneration of the whole play. After deducting some necessary expenses, there are not so many artists who really get it. However, not so much in Yangs words is also a number that many ordinary people cant imagine.

Once upon a time, there was a discussion about the current situation of stars high pay for movies. Non leading actors didnt take the lead in making movies, TV dramas were charged according to the set, plus the cost of advertising endorsement, the cost of attending commercial activities and so on, and even a meal was clearly priced. Even the 8-line artists earn a lot of money. It seems that the stars who fly around every day turn their time into considerable profits.

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My agent and I, Yang Nai Na, share our feelings with you (source: ~)

However, there is an old Chinese saying that thieves eat but dont get beaten. Every year, there are countless graduates from art colleges such as Beiying, Zhongxi and Shangxi. However, few of them are outstanding. According to the current cost standard of taking the road of art in China, ordinary families can hardly afford it. Even if they get on the dream palace, how many people become frequent customers in the basement of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen.

Even for those rare actors, the road of performing arts is not easy and pleasant. Many of them are seriously injured in filming like Hu Ge, Ren Jiaxuan and Yu Haoming. As for those who go to the glacier in winter and wear cotton padded jacket in summer, there are plenty of scenes. There are more hardships and sufferings behind the seemingly bright stars.