Yuan Yongyi said to her husband standing beside him, its your blessing that you can give me a bag. Zhang Zhilin couldnt help but scold him and said, go to hell..

One side of the big Zhang Wei can not help but said: you on this sentence, at least (have to buy for Liangliang) four bags!

It is reported that Yuan Yongyi, like many women, loves to buy bags, and her shopping experience always makes netizens laugh.

Earlier, some netizens disclosed on the social platform that Yuan Yongyi started shopping crazily after the end of the epidemic isolation. Whats more, they revealed the specific number of Yuan Yongyis shopping. Netizens disclosed that Yuan Yongyi bought 6 bags and 16 clothes in Hermes, which was very crazy.

Later, Yuan Yongyi personally came forward to clarify the matter. She said that there was no such thing. Yuan Yongyi said: its impossible to have six bags, all small purses, six clothes, all hats. And also jokingly said: dont exaggerate, otherwise, cant enter the house.

Ridicule comes from ridicule. The relationship between Yuan Yongyi and Zhang Zhilin is always envious of others.

Before this, some netizens took photos of Zhang Zhilin and Yuan Yongyi, both of whom went shopping together. Zhang Zhilin is responsible for brushing money with big and small bags in his hand, while yuan Yongyi is responsible for buying, constantly satisfying her desire to buy. After that, they went to the grain and oil grocery store, with a lot of big bags in their hands. Zhang Zhilin quickly took them from his wife yuan Yongyi, who is responsible for carrying them by himself and is full of love.

Not long ago, some netizens revealed that Zhang Zhilin and Yuan Yongyi were looking at their houses in Shenzhen and were ready to buy new houses. They also revealed that Yuan Yongyi had a fancy to one of the over 100 million luxury houses.

Zhang Zhilin and his wife were met by chance in Shenzhen

The netizen claimed to be the owner of the house. He revealed that Zhang Zhilin and his wife had visited the villa some time ago, but it was sold out at that time, so they came to his house again these two days.

As can be seen from the chat screenshot of the intermediary, Zhang Zhilin and Yuan Yongyi do have the intention of buying a house, but they have differences in choosing a community. Netizens joked: thats over, my wifes opinion is basically the final answer.

Yuan Yongyis over 100 million mansion

It is reported that Yuan Yongyis favorite is that the community is close to the sea, and you can sit in the invincible sea view room without leaving home. No wonder Liangliang loves it so much.

Some netizens said that the community is a very famous high-end community in Shenzhen, with an average of more than 200000 per square meter, tens of millions of cheap units and hundreds of millions of large units. A years property costs several hundred thousand, and those who live in it are rich or expensive, which is very suitable for the star couple Zhang Zhilin and Yuan Yongyi.

Afterwards, the Hong Kong media asked Zhang Zhilin whether he was buying a luxury house, and he said that he did not respond to personal matters.

Zhang Zhilin and Yuan Yongyi are well-known model couples in the entertainment industry. They are very affectionate from love to marriage. Guo Fucheng once called Zhang Zhilin to play mahjong in the middle of the night, but yuan Yongyi couldnt help but tell him, are you wrong! My husband is married!

Later, Guo Fucheng met Fang Yuan and married and had a daughter. Yuan Yongyi said that her heart was finally put down.

Yuan Yongyi once sighed: Fucheng has changed a lot since he got married and gave birth to a daughter. Now people dont have time to play mahjong with him. He wants to accompany his wife and daughter at home. Guo Fucheng once recalled: when my daughter was born, I cried when I saw Yuanyuan working so hard. I cut the umbilical cord for my daughter myself, and my hand was shaking all the time. It is said that a mans real psychological maturity begins with being a father, and maybe it is the same with Guo Fucheng, the king of heaven.