Ruan talked about his family in the variety show and mentioned his father. He said that he didnt want to be like his father in his life. However, after 38 years of life, he suddenly found that he was inevitably like his father. The biggest weakness of Ruans life was to avoid being like his father.

Ruan Jingtian also admitted that he was estranged from his father. He said that his father had a lot of looks he didnt like the most. He used bad and wrong ways to express his love for us. he revealed that in fact, during his growing up, he wanted to talk to his father many times, but the estrangement between his father and his son made it impossible to do it. Ruan Jingtian said with a bitter smile, he has been unable to reconcile with his parents Children, there is no way to become adults , feel that they should grow up.

In fact, Ruan attaches great importance to his family in private. He often publishes pictures of his family in the community. He has exposed his mother, grandfather and grandmother who has passed away. However, he never publishes his father and seldom mentions his fathers affairs. On the contrary, in the year when he won the Golden Horse movie emperor, Ruan talks about his grandfather in tears, saying that he was rebellious since he was a child, and everyone gave up on him, only his grandfather always supported him Even when he was in financial difficulties after he joined the industry, his grandfather secretly sent money to him. Therefore, Ruan hoped that his grandfather would be healthy and live a long life.

It is reported that Nguyen was a good swimmer at first. At the age of 17, he was discovered to be a model for catwalk. Because he was a swimmer, there were many advertisements for underwear and swimming trunks at that time.

Soon after, the agent Xiao Ren discovered that he entered the film and television industry. Xiao Ren also get the moon first and became Ruans first girlfriend.

Soon after, they broke up because Ruan had a new girlfriend. Thats when he shot his first work green forest, with Liu Pinyan. Ruan was 23 years old and Liu Pinyan was 16 years old.

Their relationship ended soon after.

In 2008, Ruan Jingtian starred in destiny I love you hit a big hit, which set a record for the TV ratings of puppet dramas. Therefore, he became a new star of the generation.

Before that, Ruan said boldly:

If the show is well received, I will swim naked in public.

Since then, he has made good on his promise.

At the same time, Ruans eight trigrams also followed.

First of all, an ex girlfriend, Joanna.

Ruan acknowledged the identity of Joannas ex girlfriend. She does not comment on the various sexual addictions she has mentioned.

For the split, he solemnly vowed: never split in my life, never again.

For current girlfriend Xu Weining, the first time they were photographed was on the beach in 2007.

In 2010, Ruan was still in the limelight. He played in Niu Chengzes kawaka and won the Golden Horse Film emperor.

The 28 year old movie king is very rare. Chen Kexin, who seldom praises others, praised him for the birth of a superstar; John Woo also said: Ruan is reminiscent of chow yun fat when he was young..

In 2012, like Zhao Youting and Peng Yuyan, Ruan began to enter the mainland market in the spring breeze of Hong Kong capital going north.

Were ready to dump the black stuff here and take off again. The first one is the top production of blood drop, unfortunately, the films reputation has gone up at the box office. Later, he made several films, and the production team was very good. He cooperated with Zhou Dongyu and Luo zhuoyaos the detective in a rage, with AB and Chen Guos murder in time, and with Du Juan and Luo Dongs New York, but the box office hit the streets one after another.

Ruan had no choice but to go down to earth in the TV circle. He received a big IP network drama ghost blowing lamp yellow skin grave, which was still directed by Guan Hu. As a result, the drama also hit the streets, and became the worst one in the ghost blowing lamp series. He was also expelled from the TV series by many fans.

Then he followed Zhao Youting and found Yang Mi to make a film of Fu Yao, but there was no water left.

Today, although it is tiantingyan, Ruans resources are far from the other two.