Jia Yueting and his wife have been the focus of peoples attention for a long time. They are all concerned about when will Jia Yueting return home and can Jia Yueting pay back the debt. However, Jia Yueting never answered these questions again. Instead, he filed for personal bankruptcy in the United States last July, achieving debt free and light.

According to the survey, Jia Yueting has 29 high consumption restriction orders, and has been listed as the person who broke his promise 10 times and the person who was executed 4 times. During this period of time, Faraday, founded by Jia Yueting, has made frequent moves in the future. Ff91 has come off the production line in advance and opened a new company in China. Recently, it has been reported that Faraday plans to go public through merger in the future.

But Ganwei seems to have a good life. Last week, she was photographed in front of a shopping mall in Beijing. She was riding in a 800000 yuan luxury car with a full-time driver and carrying a 100000 yuan brand-name bag.

Although the 800000 car is not a top luxury car, it is definitely not an ordinary means of transportation. In addition, it is equipped with a driver, which is still the immediate sense of daily travel for wealthy wives.

But on the fickleness of the world mens feelings are changeable. Wei Gans voice is quite different from the other. She calls herself a female man and sighs tiktok.

Frequently stressed his current economic distress, sun three childrens performance video, with the text said: since childhood to shoulder the burden of supporting the family.

Netizens asked how to shoulder the burden of supporting the family? She replied, make money to support your family and pay your own tuition..