On January 1, Zhang Zilin announced the good news of having a second child: 2020 + 1 = the first good news of 2021 New Year: a little giraffe is on the road.

In 2007, Zhang Zilin won the final of the 57th Miss World beauty contest and became the first person in China to win the world-class beauty contest.

In 2013, Zhang Zilin and her boyfriend Nie Lei ended their three-year long-distance love run and held a secret wedding in Phuket, Thailand. During the ceremony, only their families and dozens of close friends were invited to attend. Because her boyfriend is an outsider, the wedding is relatively low-key. In addition, she and her boyfriend advocate nature and simplicity, so no artist friends and media colleagues are invited to the wedding, while the best man and bridesmaid are all friends of the two for many years.

On December 9, 2015, Zhang Zilin announced that she was pregnant on her microblog, saying that it was the best gift from God. On April 20 of the next year, Zhang Zilin gave birth to her first daughter. After that, she took photos of holding hands on her microblog. Zhang Zilin often shared her daughters photos on social platforms. The fat girl inherited her mothers good genes and had a pair of long legs.

Zhang Zilins birthday sunshine, wearing childrens glasses, holding her face and making wishes

Zhang Zilin

Netease Entertainment reported on March 23 that on March 22, Zhang Zilin published a beautiful photo to celebrate her birthday, with an inscription: may everyone and every day be surrounded by love.. In the photo, Zhang Zilin is wearing very childlike birthday glasses, holding her face in both hands and sitting at the table with cake. She smiles at the mirror and adds pink love graffiti to the background. She is full of girlhood.

Netizens have sent blessings: Happy Birthday to the goddess, todays sister is a little playful, Happy Birthday to the boss, wish come true, safe and healthy!