Liu Tianci revealed on the program that the price of a stars dinner is 3000 Hong Kong dollars (about 2504 yuan). Generally, some rich businessmen find Xiaohua to accompany them to dinner. Yunhai laughs and asks if they will take them to the hotel after dinner? Liu Tianci said with a smile that it was not so fast. He usually asked for the address and telephone number first, and then asked whether it could be sent home. Later, I dont know about the following, and no one will answer the question..

Su Shihuang joked that this is official pimping?

Liu Tianci responded generously: I really think so! I feel blushed and dare to say it at the age of 70 , but now Im not afraid to die, and I dare to say my name.

He went on to reveal that there was once a rich businessman who asked him for help to get to know the female stars in the circle, namely the famous Hong Kong real estate developer Feng Jingxi.

Liu Tianci describes the situation in which Feng Jingxi found himself. He used a bag to hold diamonds and jade, and offered him $700 (about 4532.5 yuan) for help, asking him to go to Xiaohua to eat with him.

This little flower is the later actress Maggie Cheung. He also mentioned that Maggie Cheung was not famous at that time, and she didnt even make her first play.

It is understood that Liu Tianci, a former senior executive of TVB in Hong Kong, became the production director of TVB at the age of 32, while Maggie Cheung signed a contract with TVB very early.

As soon as this piece of information came out, it immediately aroused heated discussion. Because of Liu Tiancis identity, many netizens said that the information was very convincing.