Dialogue with Wang Hai: Luo Yonghao should be jointly and severally liable for false propaganda

 Dialogue with Wang Hai: Luo Yonghao should be jointly and severally liable for false propaganda

Dialogue with Wang Hai: Wanghai: Online celebrities bring goods blindly (source: Netease Entertainment Monograph)

Just as everyone is waiting to see the final of Luo Yonghaos inspirational true return biography, he has entered the celebrity live roll over list. Nobody wants to escape from this muddy water.

1u3001 Being hit by a professional dummy yells at Luo Yonghaos recommendation of mouthwash suspected of false publicity

Since December 12, Wang Hai, a professional anti-counterfeiting celebrity, has been yelling at Luo Yonghao on his microblog, saying that his recommended British brand dundeek mouthwash is suspected of false publicity, and the effect of mouthwash is reflected by the toothwash video. The so-called spitting out dirty things from the mouth is actually just a flocculent formed by the reaction between the acidic mouthwash and the protein in the mouth.

On December 14, Wang Hai once again pointed out that the British brand duntec mouthwash and the French mother and baby brand Eric invited the same foreign actor for publicity, and the two sides had different names for the characters, calling out is it cheating consumers to use actors to impersonate inventors??

He also said that the so-called British brand is actually a fake foreign devil, which is a fake imported product suspected of falsely labeling the factory name and site.

On December 14, the official blog of Luo Yonghaos make a friend Live Room issued a response on this matter:

1. The video suspected of false publicity is the second clip of other bloggers, without the authorization of make a friend or Luo Yonghao.

2. The mouthwash brand is not a fake imported product. The relevant qualification has passed the strict examination of major e-commerce brands, and the relevant situation has been confirmed by the legal department.

3. The publicity picture is not the inventor himself, and collision with other brands is an accident and also a misunderstanding, but it has nothing to do with product quality and brand authenticity.

4. Wang Hais content is seriously different from the facts, requiring the other party to delete the relevant untrue content, and release a clarification microblog, and reserves the right to pursue legal responsibility.

On the evening of December 15, in response to this response, Netease Entertainment exclusively interviewed Wang Hai, the party concerned. He said that the statement of make a friend in the live room is completely shirking responsibility. Its an act of looking around and talking about him and has not solved our doubts.

Wang Hai hopes that Luo Yonghao can provide customs declaration forms for 650000 bottles of mouthwash per month, as well as video evidence of mouthwash production in UK factories. Luo Yonghao said that the legal department has reviewed the supply chain authorization. If so, dont you know that this is a Chinese registered trademark sold to a British company? Do you know that this British company is actually a monster company? The producers are in the process of bankruptcy and have no production capacity. That means his selection doesnt exist. Its a flawed trick.

Wang Hai said that he had already made a relevant report, and later will also take the brand side and Luo Yonghao to court, demanding that Luo Yonghao bear joint and several liability, this money is a lot, he has to compensate consumers together with the manufacturer.

2u3001 Misfortune never comes singly! Luo Yonghaos live broadcasting room: several products are questioned and woolen sweaters are sold

Before the event of mouthwash has yet to be distinguished, Luo Yonghaos studio has been severely damaged. On the afternoon of December 15, make a friend broadcast room issued a statement admitting that the pilcardin brand woolen sweaters sold were fake.

In the statement, although Luo Yonghao admitted to selling fake goods, he explained that they were also victims and that the supplier was suspected of forging documents and counterfeit and shoddy goods. In response to this deliberate fraud, they have called the police.

In addition, they will pay three times to all consumers who have bought the product, with more than 20000 consumers.

This statement obviously failed to satisfy Wang Hai, who told Netease Entertainment, this is a pot toss, irresponsible, and a fraud to the public. He should tell the public the truth. The truth is that he has no ability to select articles, nor to check the authenticity of lawyers documents, to avoid being cheated by suppliers and to help consumers avoid cheating.

In December 16th, Wang Hai pointed out that the Lancome lipstick sold by Lancome was fake or smuggled goods, and demanded that the other party produce a legal proof of the purchase link.

In the early morning of December 17, Wang Hai forwarded the content of another netizens disclosure and called Luo Yonghao again. The informant said that the so-called diamond necklace he bought in the make a friend live room was seriously wrong, and the effect of the diamond was false publicity.

In fact, it is not only these days that Luo Yonghaos live broadcast products have problems.

On July 19, this year, the official number of make a friend live room said that due to the hosts mistake, the 2 bags of Master Kangs 3 + 2 sandwich biscuits were mistakenly referred to as 4 bags. After communicating with the brand, the 2 bags will be compensated for the single users, and the users will receive 4 bags in total.

On May 20, this year, make a friend live room with fresh flowers, but many consumers complained that the flowers they received were not fresh, rotten or broken, and could not be sent to people. Luo Yonghao side said to all the users who ordered flowers that night, the total compensation was more than 1 million yuan.

3u3001 If you fail to start a business, you can go to the variety show and turn over the car with goods. Why does Luo Yonghao rely on?

On March 26, 2020, Luo Yonghao announced that he had signed a contract with a short video platform, and officially entered the live delivery industry, and opened the first live broadcast on the evening of April 1.

A 3-hour live broadcast for the first time has attracted more than 48 million viewers and paid more than 110 million yuan. Excellent results with goods, so that Lao Luo this new star officially has a place in the new air outlet with goods.

This man with frame glasses always smiles shy and a little chubby. He doesnt know how to make up or fashion. Why can he achieve this?

Luo Yonghao has only a high school education. He also sold second-hand books and smuggled cars after he dropped out of high school. In 2001, under economic pressure, Luo Yonghao, who studied English hard, became an English lecturer of New Oriental. Humorous teaching video unexpectedly became popular on the Internet, and Mr. Luo started the road of online popularity.

In June 2006, Luo Yonghao resigned from New Oriental and founded Niubo in July of the same year. Unfortunately, his first venture failed two and a half years later.

In 2008, he started an English training school and published his autobiography. However, the school failed due to long-term losses.

Luo Yonghaos most powerful place is not that he started a business, but he repeatedly created and failed, and then created! His unique language and personality charm helped Luo open more than one sideline career.

His wonderful performance on variety shows such as talk show conference made the audience laugh. Male fans worship and love him as always, which is no less than that of girls.

With a debt of 600 million yuan, he didnt overwhelm the middle-aged man who looked very simple, not tall but acted boldly. While ridiculing himself as the dark lamp of the industry, he resolutely stepped into the ranks of live broadcasting with goods, earned this fast money and tried to pay off the debt.

But the good time is not long, his car with goods to professional hit dummy Wang Hai once again exposed a good opportunity.

Wang Hai has been engaged in cracking down on counterfeit goods since 1995, and is still active. He has set up several anti-counterfeiting companies. He once bought 2.02 million yuan of fake goods and made more than 4 million yuan in one year. He has won the consumer anti counterfeiting Award set up by the China Consumer Protection Foundation and has been on CCTV programs for many times. In 2011, Wang Hai reported that famous brand nike shoes were suspected of fraud. In 2018, Wang Hais anti-counterfeiting assets exceeded ten million yuan.

Wang Hai not only reflects that there is a problem with the products of Luo Yonghaos live broadcasting room, but also contributed a lot to the fake birds nest incident. Simba finally apologized for fake birds nest: its really exaggerating and self reproach

Wang Hai has caused a lot of controversies with these heavyweight celebrities. Some people say that he is black in order to make money. All kinds of swearing words can be seen everywhere.

Wang Hai himself is very calm, he said to Netease Entertainment: this is the water army attack, personal attack, are irrational expression, not real fans query, this is nothing to question, we want to get the truth, what is the truth to question?

4u3001 Celebrity live broadcast with goods overturned repeatedly: blind and blind selection, lack of judgment ability

The wind of live broadcast with goods has already blown into the ears of countless consumers. It has become a new shopping habit to watch in front of the small screen and listen to the hosts password to rush to buy goods.

According to relevant data, on the first day of the pre-sale of a certain treasure, the two most popular anchors Li Jiaqi and Weiya carried a total sales volume of more than 9 billion.

In addition to Luo Yonghao, the current popular stars have basically entered the major live broadcasting rooms. Liu Tao, Liu Dehua, Shu Qi, Guan Xiaotong, Wang Han, Yang Mi, Wu Xin, Zheng Shuang, Xie Na, Li Xiang, etc., all extended their hands to carry goods.

Of course, Lao Luo is not the only one who has recently overturned his goods

Net red exposure Ga Zi Ge after selling problem wine claimed to be threatened by the parties concerned

Chen Zhipeng: fake goods will fade

Zeng Zhiweis car overturned with goods on live broadcast is suspected of selling fake wine and being returned by swiping the screen

Wang Hai told Netease Entertainment that these online celebrities have no value judgment ability, lack the ability to select products, and lack a serious and responsible attitude. When something goes wrong, they throw off the pot. Online celebrities with goods are blind, blind selection. You can take the goods, but if you want to enjoy the profit, you have to bear the corresponding responsibility.

Leaving aside the products, it is difficult and not surprising that the sales volume is more than 100 million and the sales are sold out. Is it really that simple to bring goods?

Wang Hai didnt agree with this. He disclosed to Netease Entertainment: its a common phenomenon to falsify the data of live broadcast with goods. There are both self fraud and peer competition fraud. In order to make the data look good, many businesses will choose to brush the order. Wang Hai said, some people will buy out the goods from their families by brushing the bills, so that consumers cant buy them, and then return all the goods they brush the next day.

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In Chinas huge consumer market, how to avoid the trap is a high-level compulsory course, and how to protect their rights after stepping into the trap is another complex and difficult thing.

In recent years, consumers awareness of safeguarding their rights has been improved, and the state is constantly rectifying the disordered consumer market. Although it is easy for celebrities to earn money with goods, if they want to earn money with peace of mind, they must understand that whether it is product selection or after-sales, consumers first is the most important starting point.