Lei Jiayin responds to the shoulder of a beautiful woman

 Lei Jiayin responds to the shoulder of a beautiful woman

On December 5, Netease Entertainment reported on December 5 that a video of Lei Jiayin cuddling a beautiful woman in the street triggered a heated discussion. Lei Jiayin sent a micro blog response, saying that if you put up a friends shoulder after dinner, you will be scolded. If you dont respond, you will be scolded. Lei Jiayin wrote: the person who scolds me has never been in this life, just because I am an actor. I am not allowed to. Did I eat your rice or spit everywhere? You secretly photographed me, scolded me, and then sold my photos, and you got attention. Youre not as good as me. I dont apologize to the people who scold me. I apologize and my family makes me kneel on the washboard. You are not allowed to consider the feelings of dreams, Xin Zhilei commented on her microblog Suspected to help friend Lei Jiayin clarify, a netizen said dream is Lei Jiayins assistant.

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Married Lei Jiayin has a late night dinner with a beautiful woman. She once drank a bottle of water with Tong Liya

On December 3, a netizen posted a video of actor Lei Jiayin having a dinner with friends late at night on the social platform.

In the video, Lei Jiayin is dressed in a black dress, a hat and a mask, dressed very low-key. He also put his arm on his girlfriends shoulder in the process of chatting with a girl friend nearby. The action looked very intimate, which aroused netizens speculation.

Previously, Lei Jiayin and Tong Liya were filmed drinking the same bottle of coke while filming the movie cohabitation in space and time. After the photo was exposed, Zhai Xu, Lei Jiayins wife, posted an article showing a group photo of her husband and daughter, declaring her sovereignty.

Lei Jiayin and his wife Zhai Xufei married in 2010 and gave birth to a daughter. Their family is very low-key, and rarely show love.

Lei Jiayins response to late night dinner