Female netizens bask in kisses and smash small fresh meat to cheat, saying that she had been waiting for him in a hotel

 Female netizens bask in kisses and smash small fresh meat to cheat, saying that she had been waiting for him in a hotel

Netease Entertainment reported on December 5 that a netizen named @ small box fish can meow and meow on the microblog posted a picture of kissing Yan Xujia, a member of r1se, in an article published on December 5, pointing out the details of his love affair with Yan Xujia, pointing out that Yan Xujia was cheating.

The netizen said Yan Xujia told his story with other girls when he fell in love with her. Later, suddenly cold violence to themselves, do not answer the news, do not answer the phone, as if the world evaporated.

In July and August, the two spent the whole summer in the studio Hotel, and they were together on the Chinese Valentines Eve.

In September, on Yan Xujias birthday, the girl said she had been waiting for him to finish work in the hotel.

The girl said that when she spent the night in yanxujias room for the first time, she didnt bring anything, so she had to wear Yan Xujias old pajamas. The next day, Yan Xujia held her in her arms and was reluctant to let the girl come back quickly.

The girl also said that she had lived in Yan Xujias room all may and never stepped out of the door. Even near the college entrance examination, Yan Xujia would like to date with a girl.

After exposing the details of her love affair, the girl also showed many intimate photos of herself and Yan Xujia, including kissing photos. Netizens said: this is a real hammer? This is too scum. Is their regiment the scum mens group?

It is reported that this is the third time that r1se mens group has been in love with its members. Before that, Ren Hao, a member of the group, has been found to be in love with his girlfriend. Xia Zhiguang was photographed learning to drive with his girlfriend. Zhou Zhennans parents are Laolai, and Zhang Yanqi has been exposed to live in love with a female executive. Some netizens said that this group not only collapses the house many times, but also can refresh our three ways each time View.

Being exposed to love for 4 years by an ex girlfriend and lying frequently? Ren Hao responded with this story

Netease Entertainment reported on October 15, the evening of October 14, actress Zhao Mengjie disclosed her love experience with a talent show actor in a long article, saying that they were together in 2016 and broke up in the spring of 2020. During the love period, she introduced her own resources to her husband, knowing that the man wanted to be an idol, so she kept hiding her girlfriends identity; after his debut, her popularity soared, long-distance love, the pressure of the brokerage company, and the outside world The voice of the world became an obstacle to the two. In the end, because the man lied to her repeatedly and avoided their problems, the two broke up. Some netizens speculated that the man in the article is Ren Hao, a member of r1se.

In the early morning of October 15, Ren Hao sent a suspected response to his ex girlfriends disclosure. He told a story about the sea and the moon, and finally wrote that the moon could not accept the trench where the moon could not shine, and the sea was not willing to show the moon the unbearable and rough conditions.

The following is the full text of Ren Hao:

I once heard a story about the sea and the moon. The sea at night is always rough and cant be calm. The night makes the sea seem more deep and deep. Until the moon appears, every wave doesnt appear so sharp. The moon has always influenced its tide, but the sea is constantly changing its shape to adapt to the changes of various terrain. We can only see the sea surface The starlight never saw a tear in the trench, because the sea water buried it in the deepest place

Maybe the moon can calm its surface, but it cant accept the trench that the moon cant shine into. However, the sea will never overturn everything in the trench because it can see the countless meteorite craters on the moon, and the sea is unwilling to show these unbearable conditions to it, and also does not want to bring all the ups and downs to the moon, so the sun came out and the moon left the sea as calm as before.

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