Video card market supply difficult to match demand is mining caused by the disaster?

 Video card market supply difficult to match demand is mining caused by the disaster?

Reporter investigation found that this years new video card with excellent performance and low price has stimulated a large number of card buying demand, the surge in virtual currency has driven the demand for mining machine graphics card, coupled with a series of reasons such as the lack of production capacity under the influence of the global epidemic, resulting in the situation that one card is hard to obtain.

When will the shortage be improved? According to the semiconductor research office of trendforce, the semiconductor OEM capacity is expected to be tight until at least the first half of next year.

Huaqiangbei is hard to find

How out of stock graphics cards? Securities Times reporter in Shenzhen Huaqiangbeis Huaqiang electronic world saw that a number of file outlets were placed in a prominent position with popular graphics card packaging boxes, but they were all empty. No goods for sale is the unanimous voice of shop owners.

In a well-known brand of video card shop, the reporter asked a number of models of video card, the boss said there was no goods. The reporter then asked, what do you sell in this shop now? The proprietress was stunned for a moment, and then replied with a bitter smile: maybe, sell a lonely bar! She told reporters that it has been several days since the arrival of goods, to order goods have been ordered in advance, it is difficult to buy spot goods.

You can get two or three pieces, but if you order more than five pieces in advance, you may not be able to order them. Mr. Li, the owner of another stall, told reporters that since this year, the supply of video cards has been in short supply. Let alone the price hike, it is impossible to buy them with money.

When the reporter said that he wanted 50 rtx3080 graphics cards, Mr. Li called the general agent of the brand, and then said that the general agent did not have any goods. After confirming the quantity and model, consult the manufacturer to see if it can be ordered. Now the manufacturers are short of chips, and the production capacity can not keep up. We can only try to order for you, and it is certainly not the same brand. If we want to select brand manufacturers, it is certainly not enough. You can accept the full payment now. Mr. Li said. The price of graphics card is rising. The official price of rtx3080 is 5499 yuan, and Mr. Li offers 7000 yuan.

I dont have stock now. Its useless to give you a quotation. Its not the price when I get the goods. According to Mr. Wang, there are also some people who are hoarding goods in order to transfer them at a high price when the price rises, which makes the inventory more tense. You can also go online, the original price is much cheaper, if you can grab it.

The reporter searched rtx3080 on the e-commerce platform and found that most brands need to make an appointment or participate in the rush purchase, or only a few pieces are left.

NVIDIA and AMD, the two largest video card manufacturers in the world, have mastered the leading video memory technology and basically monopolized the mainstream video card market. In September and November, the two manufacturers released new products one after another. Not only did the performance soar, but also did not raise the price. The high cost performance brought about a lot of market demand.

How high is the cost performance of the two new products? Some netizens summed up this: for n card (NVIDIA), now only half the price can buy the performance of my previous generation flagship; for a card (AMD), now I use the price of N 100 yuan cheaper than n card to suppress its new generation of graphics card.

Taking the rtx3080 launched by NVIDIA in September as an example, its performance is more than twice that of its previous generation product rtx2080ti, but its price is more than 40% cheaper. This directly led to the most serious out of stock event in the history of video card sales. NVIDIAs rtx30 Series graphics cards have been out of stock globally since it was released in September. In a previous conference call with investors, its chief financial officer said long production cycles and supply chain constraints were responsible for the recent shortage of display chips (GPUs), which could take months to catch up with demand. NVIDIA has also been saying that it is actively increasing production capacity to improve supply.

The rx6800 series of graphics cards launched by AMD in November have been in short supply since it was put on the market. The actual price is 1000-1500 yuan more than the official price. Although amd has been saying that it is trying to increase production capacity and strengthen supply, the shortage has not eased, and AMD has not announced the specific reasons for the shortage. According to media reports, the lack of chips or the main reason is that in terms of advanced processes below 10nm level, TSMC and Samsung are nearly full capacity at this stage. Among them, 5nm is mainly supplied to Apples A14 series. In terms of 7Nm process capacity, Qualcomms x55 baseband chip has replaced apple as the largest customer.

A person in the industry told the Securities Times: the competition between a and N is fierce. The current situation is that whoever can take out the card will have the advantage and the one who can take out the card will be able to occupy the market more. However, it still cant bring it out. This shows that the production capacity cant keep up with it.

Mining magnate centralized procurement

In an interview with a Securities Times reporter, most Huaqiangbei shopkeepers said that an important reason for the shortage of video cards was the centralized procurement of mining magnates.

According to the reporter, Ethereum was upgraded to Ethereum 2.0 in December this year. Miners need to introduce more powerful mining hardware. The original graphics card performance is not enough, which also makes the latest rtx30 series video card the first choice. Eth has risen more than 300% since the beginning of the year, which has also boosted the mining machinery market.

Since December 25, Ethereum 4G mining machines will be eliminated, so before that, miners need to upgrade their graphics cards to 8g. A miner needs at least 6-8 video cards. This demand is too large. Heyang (pseudonym) is mainly engaged in computer assembly business, he usually will purchase the second-hand video card eliminated from mining machine for assembly. He expected that a large number of 4G second-hand video cards would flow into the market next year, and the price would be double that of the current situation. After the end of the new year, there will be about 250 cards, and the highest price will rise to 700, and now it will remain around 500..

A number of installed file owners said that the demand for replacing graphics cards in mining machines was too large, resulting in insufficient graphics cards installed. A file owner told reporters that not long ago, a mining machine owner did not select brands regardless of the cost of the nationwide 200 3080 graphics cards, which directly caused the market price of the series of video cards to jump by hundreds of yuan.

It has little impact on Chinas relevant industrial chain. The domestic GPU market has been monopolized by NVIDIA and AMD graphics cards for a long time. In this field, the participation of domestic companies is very low and there is no need to damage the profits. According to the analysis of a well-educated person in the industry, at this stage, some game players, miners, Internet bar operators, assembly computer operators, etc., as well as some video card extension industries, will be affected in the short-term.