12 stocks are expected to continue the auto industry

 12 stocks are expected to continue the auto industry

According to the statistics of the same flush, since November, as of December 3, the balance of financing in Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets has increased by 55.265 billion yuan. Among them, the net purchase amount of financing in automobile industry has reached 6.761 billion yuan, ranking in the forefront of Shenyi industry and becoming the main target of financing. Specific to individual stocks, a total of 43 auto stocks during the financing of the net buying state. During the period, there were 36 stocks with net financing purchase amount of more than 10 million yuan. The net purchase amount of BYD and Changan Automobile exceeded 1 billion yuan, which were 2.229 billion yuan and 1.192 billion yuan respectively, followed by aotega, Xiaokang shares, GAC group, Weichai Power, etc., with net financing purchases of more than 300 million yuan, 544 million yuan, 376 million yuan, 375 million yuan and 333 million yuan respectively.

The increase of financing position forms a strong support for the stock price.

From the perspective of market performance, since November, the auto industry index has increased by 7.29%. During this period, on November 24, it not only set a new high in the year, but also set a new five-year high since July 2015, quietly outperforming the Shanghai Composite Indexs 6.82% increase in the same period.

At the same time, the performance of the above-mentioned 43 auto stocks added by financing customers is also commendable. Statistics show that since November, 27 stocks have outperformed the Shanghai Composite Index over the same period (with a cumulative decline of 0.81% in the month), accounting for more than 60%. Among them, Xiaokang shares, Changan Automobile, Yaxing bus, No.9 company, BAIC Blue Valley, Pan Asia micro penetration and other six stocks increased by more than 30%, which were 112.56%, 50.12%, 45.7%, 40.88%, 38.25% and 36.87%, respectively.

It is worth noting that, while financing customers quietly layout, Beishang capital, which is known as smart money in the market, has also increased the position of some auto stocks.

He Li, general manager of Zhiyu Zhishan investment company, who was interviewed by the Securities Daily, said that in the long run, the investment value of the automobile industry is very huge, and the automobile enterprise with the largest market value in the world is expected to be born in Chinese companies. We can see that the automobile industry is becoming a science and technology industry, and the development of the industry has been completely broken through. In China, cars and houses are just the needs of families. In the future, the business model of automobiles will be expanded. The current automobile main engine plants may be apple and Huawei in the future, and the market of automobile stocks is still very long.

When it comes to investment opportunities in 2021, people in the industry have proposed to grasp the cross-year market situation of the auto sector, and the industrys high outlook is expected to continue. It is expected that 2021 will still be a big year for automobile investment. Huachuang Securities said that it was optimistic about the prosperity and investment opportunities of the automobile industry in 2021, and should boldly wave the wings of imagination at the level of fundamentals and expected valuation. There are three main lines that can be paid attention to: first, the total opportunity, and recommend SAIC Group and Huayu automobile. Second, flexible passenger cars, such as Geely Automobile, Changan Automobile, Great Wall Motor H / A and BYD are recommended. Third, traditional parts and components. We are optimistic about the global substitution of made in China. We recommend Haoneng, precision forging technology, best, icodi, new coordinates and top group.