More than 3.7 billion yuan of non-ferrous metals are favored by financing customers

 More than 3.7 billion yuan of non-ferrous metals are favored by financing customers

Specifically, among the 73 underlying stocks of Liangrong, 59 were net purchased during the financing period, accounting for more than 80%. Among them, 26 stocks with net financing purchase of more than 100 million yuan reached. Specifically, Ganfeng lithium industry had the highest net financing purchase amount, reaching 933 million yuan. The net financing purchase amount of northern rare earth, Tianqi lithium, Zijin Mining and Jiangxi copper were all more than 400 million yuan.

Hao Xinming, manager of Fangxin wealth fund interviewed by Securities Daily, said that through historical back testing of margin trading data, such funds are basically synchronized with or slightly lagging behind the market. That is to say, financing funds are mainly trading on the right side and chasing hot spots. Non ferrous metal plate is a hot spot in the near future and naturally attracted With the participation of such funds, the short-term growth of non-ferrous metal plate is relatively large, and it is facing adjustment. The strength in the medium term needs to be realized. At present, the Pro cyclical is still the response to the performance expectation. If the expectation is realized, the short-term adjustment will continue to rise in the medium term.

The most popular sector in the market is estimated to be the securities sector and non-ferrous metals, and the non-ferrous metal plate is the leader of the pro cyclical plate. Mao Junyue, chief investment officer of Xinpu assets, told Securities Daily that the reason why the non-ferrous metal plate attracted popularity was closely related to the price of bulk commodities; on the other hand, it was the main part of the super bull market in 2006, and many old shareholders still remember it well, so it was favored by financing customers.

The increase of popularity and the purchase of financing customers activated the market performance of non-ferrous metal industry. Through Ifind statistics, the reporter of Securities Daily found that since November, up to December 4, the industry index has risen by 19.72%. In terms of individual stocks, 112 of the 127 stocks in the transaction have risen, accounting for 88.19%. Among them, 41 stocks, such as Yunnan Aluminum (62.30%), * ST Liyuan (58.17%), Shenhuo (56.39%), have increased by more than 20%.

Similarly, large single funds also began to buy a large number of non-ferrous metal stocks. Through Ifind statistics, the reporter of Securities Daily found that since November, 37 non-ferrous metal stocks have obtained large single net purchases of 7.748 billion yuan, including Tianqi lithium industry (1.617 billion yuan), northern rare earth (1.078 billion yuan), Huayou cobalt industry (1.071 billion yuan) and other three large single net purchases of more than 1 billion yuan, attracting a total of 3.766 billion yuan. In addition, the net purchases of 11 large orders, including Chinalco, were all above 100 million yuan.

As a weathervane of value investment, the social security fund has held 17 non-ferrous metal stocks at the end of the third quarter. Among them, 16 companies have been increased by the social security fund at the end of the third quarter, and the number of new or increased shares has increased by 500 million shares, which shows that the social security fund is optimistic about the non-ferrous metal industry. Among the social security fund positions, Zijin Mining had the highest position at the end of the third quarter, reaching 419 million shares. Luoyang molybdenum industry ranked second with a position of 200 million shares. In addition, there were 11 individual stocks with more than 10 million social security fund positions.

As for the late trend of non-ferrous metal stocks, Hu Po, the future star fund manager of private placement platoon network interviewed by Securities Daily, said that as the most typical Pro cyclical industry, non-ferrous metals benefit from the stimulation of the overall economic recovery after the relief of the epidemic situation, especially the global economy has been adjusted to a synchronous mode by the epidemic situation, so the market periodicity will be more obvious, such as next year If the impact of the epidemic has completely subsided, the economy has returned to normal, and the global synchronous expansion, nonferrous metals, as the most upstream sector, will surely be the most beneficial sector. In addition, the policy vigorously supports the development of the new energy vehicle industry, and the production and sales of new energy vehicles are expected to increase significantly, which is conducive to boosting the demand for non-ferrous metals. Therefore, we are optimistic about the long-term performance of nonferrous metals and the upward trend of inflation next year.

Source of this article: Yang Bin, editor in charge of Securities Daily_ NF4368