Nearly 3.8 billion capital poured into the electronic industry, and the eight subdivided directions were concerned by the institutions

 Nearly 3.8 billion capital poured into the electronic industry, and the eight subdivided directions were concerned by the institutions

Xia Fengfeng, manager of future star fund of private placement network interviewed by Securities Daily, said that in the whole science and technology sector, the electronics industry represented by semiconductors has a particularly high boom. Recently, with the boost of semiconductor demand, the industry index has reached a new high. Industries with strong short-term trend can especially attract financing funds. The long-term logic of the electronics industry is still good, but the pricing given by the market is sufficient. It is not easy to select potential stocks with excess returns.

Financing customers for the purchase of individual stocks in the electronic industry boosted the rise of the relevant stock prices in the industry. From the perspective of market performance, from November to the end of December 4, 66 of the 81 stocks have achieved stock price rise since November, accounting for more than 80%. Rainbow shares ranked first with 91.11% cumulative increase during the period. Five stocks, including shilanwei, Fenghua high tech, Minxin, Jingfeng Mingyuan and Sanan optoelectronics, have increased by more than 30%.

For the development of the electronic industry, gecko capital fund manager Zhang Xiaodong told the Securities Daily that the electronic industry not only affects the overall development trend of the national economy, but also directly affects the level of Chinas overall industrial technology. Smart home, intelligent terminal, artificial intelligence, intelligent manufacturing, high-end chips, new display, virtual reality and augmented reality, intelligent Internet connected vehicle, 5g and Internet of things and other subversive industries are the top priorities of the future development of emerging technologies in the electronic information industry, and they are also the beautiful life that people yearn for. So the whole electronic industry will usher in a huge increment and technological change. And those companies with strong innovation and R & D capabilities and technological monopoly will grow rapidly with the growth of the industry, and they are also the most valuable companies for investment, which are the core assets of China in the future.

In terms of investment opportunities, the Research Report of Sichuan Financial Securities believes that in 2021, it will focus on the subdivision direction of the industry. Specifically, there are eight opportunities for the subdivision direction: 1. 5g technology driving includes increasing base station density, adopting MIMO technology, increasing frequency band, and high-order modulation. With the increase of 5g mobile phone shipment and the value of single RF chip, the RF and antenna market is expected to accelerate expansion in 2021. 2u3001 TWS headset technology aims to achieve high transmission, high sound quality, low loss, intelligent, lightweight and other goals. With Android manufacturers joining the competition, the future market will present the characteristics of mobile phone matching sales, traditional headset barriers being broken, and high-end intelligent headphones coexisting with some independent brands. 3u3001 The 3D imaging market is driven by the demand of multi camera and the development of VR / AR equipment. Hardware equipment will benefit first. In the future, the demand for optical modules, sensing components and ODM manufacturers will promote the recovery of optical prosperity. 4u3001 The semiconductor industrys capacity utilization rate is improved, 5grf process is more advanced and power consumption management requirements are higher, which will create new demand for advanced packaging, and the packaging and testing industry is expected to usher in a new round of business cycle. 5u3001 The opportunity of mass production of miniled and backlight brought about by the application of miniled in mass production. 6u3001 The trend of automobile electrification, network connection and intellectualization has brought about an increase in the demand for basic electronic components for motor cars. 7u3001 Localization opportunities of domestic high-end PCB products. 8u3001 Chinas packaging and testing industry status is strengthened, the improvement of semiconductor self-production capacity and the promotion of national key semiconductor components and consumables localization opportunities for packaging substrate.

Source of this article: Yang Bin, editor in charge of Securities Daily_ NF4368