Demand recovery of chemical industry promotes profit recovery, financing customers nearly 4 billion yuan

 Demand recovery of chemical industry promotes profit recovery, financing customers nearly 4 billion yuan

It is worth mentioning that recently, financiers have flocked into the chemical industry sector to scramble for funds. Since November, the chemical industry sector has been in a state of net financing purchase, with a total net financing purchase amount of 3.960 billion yuan, ranking in the forefront of Shenyi class industry. Among them, 32 stocks have accumulated a net financing purchase amount of more than 50 million yuan during the period. Hengyi petrochemical, Xinan, Luxi Chemical, Yahua group, Wanhua chemical, Tongkun, Ruifeng new material, Binhua, Shida Shenghua, Xingfa group and other 10 stocks were sought after by more than 100 million yuan financiers during the period, including Shenma shares, CNKI titanium dioxide, etc The net purchase amount of financing was also more than 50 million yuan, and the 32 stocks absorbed 5.526 billion yuan in total during the period.

With the influx of financing customers, the above-mentioned 32 stocks performed well in the recent market, and the share prices of 26 stocks rose during the period, accounting for more than 80%. Xinan shares, Shenma shares, Luxi Chemical Industry, Yahua group, Tongkun shares, Tianci materials and other stocks increased by more than 20% during the period.

The price rise of products brought about by the recovery of domestic and foreign demand promotes the recovery of plate profits. In 2021, the allocation advantages of leading stocks in the industry segments are highlighted. The strategy team of BOC Securities said that since 2020, the epidemic has had a great negative impact on the global economy, but the impact has gradually weakened in the second and third quarters. The recovery of demand superimposed on the factors of peak season, and the price rise of some chemical products came as expected in the fourth quarter. It can be predicted that the fundamental profitability of the chemical industry is expected to continue to improve, the valuation of the sector is expected to rise, and the relevant subdivision leading enterprises may usher in a good opportunity for layout.

In terms of annual report performance forecast, as of December 4, 65 chemical industry listed companies have been the first to disclose the performance forecast of 2020 annual report. There are 31 companies with good performance, accounting for nearly 50%. Among them, 17 companies are expected to double their net profit in 2020 year on year, and 8 companies are expected to turn losses into profits in 2020.

The signs of institutional warehousing in the chemical sector are very obvious. Mo Jing, a researcher of private placement network interviewed by Securities Daily, said: the specific reasons are mainly in three aspects: first, with the overall improvement of the domestic economy, the terminal demand of domestic chemical industry will usher in marginal improvement; second, with the coming of the completion cycle of real estate, it has an obvious role in boosting the demand of traditional chemical industry; third, the market economy is popular Fourth, the rapid development of the new energy vehicle industry has further enhanced the demand for the chemical industry

Chemical industry is a highly cyclical plate, and the profitability of enterprises is closely related to the rise and fall of product prices. The prices of most chemical products fell to the bottom in the first quarter of this year. With the continuous promotion of the resumption of work and production in China, the industry demand has gradually recovered. With the gradual implementation of the new vaccine, the domestic and international economic recovery is expected in 2021. It can be seen that the demand for chemical products will gradually increase in 2021, and the price will also have a very good performance. The fundamental profit of the chemical industry is expected to further increase. Therefore, we should choose the leading varieties with low price reversal or high potential for price increase to layout. Wang Chunxiu, manager of dongtuo investment fund, told the reporter of Securities Daily.