Two problems need to be solved for free ride: true ride and low price

 Two problems need to be solved for free ride: true ride and low price

Recently, the official account of the WeChat public of the Ministry of transport responded to queries raised by netizens about the comfort of the car is not considered as a net car. Legitimate private passenger car sharing is very different from the net passenger car service, he said.

It is worth noting that there is still a lack of accurate laws and regulations as well as relevant norms and constraints. Qi Ziyi, director of the legal editorial office of the Intellectual Property Publishing House of the State Intellectual Property Office, said: the free ride is a social undertaking, and the healthy development requires two initiatives: one is the enthusiasm of government supervision and the other is the enthusiasm of the platforms compliance development.

Two core of the free ride business:

According to the data from AI media consulting, in 2019, the number of users of Chinas hitchhikers will reach 198 million. With the gradual recognition of the social value of free riders, it is estimated that by 2020, the number of users of Chinas hitchhikers will reach 249 million.

For the definition of free ride, the relevant departments have already defined it.

At present, the price of Dida hitchhiker is a buy it now price only related to the mileage. There are no additional operating costs such as long-distance fees, night fees and congestion charges. The overall level is only 50% of the local professional operating vehicle pricing. This pricing can offset the basic travel cost. If the labor cost is included, there is no possibility of profit.

And how to ensure the real smooth wind for the temporary needs of car owners? Dida travel people said that the car owners own travel demand is divided into two types. One is the common starting and ending requirements, such as off duty. One is the temporary starting and ending requirements, such as going out to talk about cooperation. The nearby order on Dida platform is a down-road travel order based on the owners own travel demand. It is a shortcut operation mode that the owner of the temporary start and destination matches the on-the-way passengers and is finally confirmed by the bus owner. Both methods are limited by the number of daily orders received by the platform, and also by the carpool price. Both of them are about 50% of the price of local operating vehicles. Therefore, on Dida platform, no car owner can achieve the purpose of profit-making.

How to crack

Safety problems of free ride

In 2018, a series of hitchhiker safety incidents once brought the whole industry to a freezing point. The platform involved in the incident can only be put online again after rectification and improvement of relevant functions. Li Hua, vice president of China Transportation Association and vice president of shared travel, pointed out: safety is the most basic service for online car hailing and free riding.

As for how to solve the problem of shared travel safety, the person in charge of Dida travel told reporters: in addition to providing travel monitoring, insurance protection, payment security and other basic rights and interests protection for both parties, Dida platform will purchase accident insurance for each carpool of car owners and passengers.

In addition, the establishment of shared travel safety system is also an important work.

According to the daily news, the travel safety of passengers depends on the travel behavior of the car owners. If the owners conduct is good and law-abiding, both of these can be guaranteed. In fact, if there are loopholes in the whole industry system, there will be opportunities for unstable factors. For example, if the laws and regulations are not perfect, there is no basis for supervision and law enforcement; if the platform responsibility is not implemented, it is difficult to establish a system of safety protection; if the owners behavior is not in compliance, there is an opportunity to take advantage of safety issues; if passengers complaints are not positive, the basis for decision-making cannot be collected.

Therefore, we should not only rely on the efforts and self-consciousness of the owner of the free ride, but also need to improve the laws and regulations, standards and norms system construction of the industry, and at the same time, the government, the platform, drivers and passengers, and society should work together to form a good pattern of government guidance, platform responsibility, social coordination, user participation, and legal protection. Shen Lijun said so.

Build industry civilization

We can treat both the symptoms and the symptoms

Recently, another judicial decision on free rider drivers has also attracted much attention. A downwind car owner drove a passenger from Yiyang to Changsha. He was stopped by law enforcement officers of Yuelu District Transportation Bureau of Changsha City and received a ticket of 20000 yuan. After the continuous appeal of the owner, the Hunan high court finally held that the owners use of the network platform to book passengers should be identified as free riding behavior rather than illegal operation behavior, and its behavior is not applicable to the relevant provisions of the road transport regulations.

This shows that the judicial identification of legal operation of free ride has been gradually improved. And the construction of industry civilization of each free ride operation platform also provides strong support for the industry standard and stable operation.

As the largest compliance free ride platform in China, in the past six years, Dida travel has taken the lead in launching the free ride sharing Convention and version 2.0, which has clarified the responsibilities of the three parties and the ride sharing rules. It has also promoted the establishment of the first national free ride user committee and the first free ride law and Standardization Working Committee.

Since then, Dida travel has also participated in the promulgation of a series of programmatic documents for the development of the hitchhiker industry, such as the West Lake consensus, Zhuhai action plan, hitchhiker green travel declaration and Hefei action plan, to guide the industry to build and work together.

In 2020, Dida Travel Co sponsored the establishment of national windy day, promoted and participated in the release of 2014-2020 Chinas hitchhiker industry development blue book, trying to promote the health norms and sustainable development of the free riding industry from the aspects of code of conduct, rule of law construction, cultural etiquette and industry research.

In this regard, Chen Li Teng, senior analyst of Netcom e-commerce research center, said: from disorderly competition to orderly operation, every industry has such a course. The responsibilities and responsibilities of leading enterprises in the industry are the key factors for the industry to quickly enter a virtuous circle.

In the operation chain of the free ride industry, based on tens of thousands of orders per day, the operation platform can collect massive user feedback and data. It can be said that the operation platform is very aware of the needs of the users of the free ride. We call on the operation platform to actively implement social responsibility and promote the improvement of industry laws, regulations and standards based on users needs and existing problems, Shen Lijun said

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