CEO of mining giant Glencore is retiring

 CEO of mining giant Glencore is retiring

(source: Official Website of the company)

After several senior executives of Glencores board of directors announced their retirement in recent years, the follow-up arrangement of glasenberg, who is 63 years old, has been a hot topic in the capital market. Earlier, he said the scope of the companys next CEO was reduced to Gary Nagle, Kenny Ives of the nickel trading division and Nico paraskevas of the copper market.

Gary Nagle and glasenberg, both of whom studied accounting at Kingsoft University in Johannesburg, are from the coal sector of Glencore. Gary Nagle has served as an executive in the coal and ferroalloy sectors of Colombia, South Africa and Australia. Glasenberg said he also owns shares in many companies and wants to continue to hold them, so I hope Nagle can do better than myself..

At the same time, glasenberg said that the company believes it is better to continue to hold the coal business, but if shareholders think it would be better to sell or spin off a separate coal company, Gary will follow this view.

Source of this article: Wang Xiaowu, editor in charge of CFA_ NF