Downes, a total of seven relatives, died in April

 Downes, a total of seven relatives, died in April

Ive been looking for answers, trying to get my family informed and take the necessary steps to keep them alive. Downes was sad in an interview.

Since my mother was in hospital, Ive been having a hard time, and basketball cant cure my bad things.

Downes and his mother had a very good relationship. The latter was in a coma due to his new crown in March, but it didnt take long for him to get worse and die. This made Downes grieved, and the NBA industry also mourned him, sending him grief and support.

And in this mood, Downes will start a new season. Moreover, the epidemic situation is still very serious in the United States. Although the NBA has taken a series of epidemic prevention measures, the effect still needs to be observed, because the new season has restored the home away travel competition system, rather than the isolated competition in Orlando last season.

At the end of last month, the NBA released the results of the first batch of nucleic acid tests. Among 546 players, 48 were positive, accounting for 8.8%.