Four fans of Zhang Jingxuans concert confirmed new crown emperor announced seat number

 Four fans of Zhang Jingxuans concert confirmed new crown emperor announced seat number

In this regard, the Royal entertainment issued a statement, saying that although the red house has strictly implemented the measures of social distance, requiring wearing masks, not eating and drinking, and carrying out deep cleaning after the venue, it is prudent to inform all performers and staff to carry out testing as soon as possible. A novel coronavirus pneumonia diagnosis period was also presented in 4 latent patients during the incubation period. The date of arrival and seat area were: November 22nd (sat in the seventy-fourth segment of yellow gate), November 27th (sitting in red gate, but the audience forgot the number of paragraphs), November 28th (sitting in the 74 gate of yellow gate), November 29th (sitting in 74 segment of yellow gate).

Novel coronavirus pneumonia, Zhang Jingxuan himself was very worried and sad when he heard the news. I am here to express my heartfelt condolences to my sick friends, and wish them to recover soon, and ask the father to comfort them at this moment and to give them peace and keep them well.

Zhang Jingxuan said he hoped novel coronavirus pneumonia would have brought a little relief and spiritual support to the people under the epidemic situation. But he did not feel like the sense of accomplishment after the concert, or put down his mind in the past few days, because his performances were at this special time, so when he saw the audience diagnosed the new crown pneumonia, he made the performance of the concert. He is very heavy hearted, but he still hopes that we can tide over the difficulties together. I believe we can fight the epidemic together and overcome the difficulties. May peace and health be with us all.

Zhang Jingxuan concert 4 novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed: Source: NetEase entertainment editor: Liu Jiaxin NBJS11395

4 people diagnosed with novel coronavirus pneumonia in Zhang Jingxuan concert