Huang Yi teaches her daughter not to shop by comparison: buy only when you need it

 Huang Yi teaches her daughter not to shop by comparison: buy only when you need it

Huang Yi teaches his daughter (source: Netease Entertainment)

Netease Entertainment reported on December 4 that a video about Huang Yis daughters education has been exposed recently. In the video, Huang Yis daughter Dangdang wants to buy two Swiss knives because she sees that her classmates have them, so she wants to buy them. Huang Yi decisively rejected his daughters request, and seriously taught her: you buy things only when you need them. I dont think you need them! Compared with others, you dont want anything. Is it related to you that other peoples things belong to others? Why do you have to have it? Today, you taught yourself to make money? Or did you work hard?

This kind of parenting has been praised by netizens: this concept of parenting is great, and its not advisable to compare shopping. Sister Huangs education is very good, but she dotes on her children and teaches them a correct value.

It is reported that actor Huang Yi starred in shangcuo Huajiao married couple in 2001. Relying on Li Yuhu, he gained a lot of audiences love. In 2003, he starred in the TV series huanzhu gege III: Heaven and earth, playing the swallow. In November 2012, after becoming pregnant, Huang Yi decided to marry her son and marry Huang Yiqing. In 2014, their marriage broke out. Huang Yi said that Huang Yiqings domestic violence had derailed, and he also published the injury examination report. However, Huang Yiqing disclosed that Huang Yi was a vagrant, irresponsible child and lied about his age. And this failed and boisterous marriage also made Huang Yi more and more far away from his acting career.

In 2020, Huang Yi took part in actor please be in place 2 and succeeded in making a comeback with acting skills. Huang Yi also said whether she wanted to participate in the program because Zhao Wei also participated in the program, but she was a tutor. Two generations of little swallow, one stage performance waiting to be scored, the other off stage to make comments. After hesitation, Huang Yi decided to act because she wanted to be seen and walk in the sun.

On November 29, Huang Yifa said goodbye to actors, please be in place. she said, there are gains, regrets, unrepentant moves, and unexpected surprises in the process. What I want to thank most is that this stage has enabled me to find a new self. At the same time, she said she would pick up the information and start again.

Huang Yis actor has been eliminated and sent a long article to say goodbye to ER Dongshengs comments encouraging Huang Yi to respond to the selection of Tang Yifei as Ellie and her withdrawal from the competition: insisting on different poems written by Huang Yihuang and Chen Kaige three years ago, accepting Guo Jingmings criticism that Huang Yisun and Zhao Wei take a photo of two generations of little swallows in the same frame_ NBJS11395