The fourth wave of the epidemic worsened! Six new years concerts announced to be cancelled

 The fourth wave of the epidemic worsened! Six new years concerts announced to be cancelled

Yang Qianhuis concert cancelled

Yang Qianjias announcement

NetEase entertainment 4 December novel coronavirus pneumonia reported that according to the Hong Kong media, the fourth wave of the new crown pneumonia was deteriorating, and 4 viewers were confirmed by the concert of the red hall before Zhang Jingxuan. The singer Miriam Yeungs 6 inter year concert was cancelled at the end of the month. She also issued a notice to the media.

The announcement is as follows:

Upon learning that a confirmed patient visited the Hong Kong Gymnasium (red house) during the incubation period, the organizer expressed great concern and made real-time inquiries and discussions with the red house and relevant departments for in-depth understanding. As the epidemic situation is difficult to predict, the organizers said that during the preparation period of the concert, the performance unit has been strictly abiding by the governments epidemic prevention measures and specifications for public performances. All production teams have carried out regular new coronavirus detection during the preparation and rehearsal period, hoping to perform in the safest and best condition and deliver wonderful performances to fans and friends.

In view of the severe situation of the fourth wave of coronavirus disease in 2019, in order to protect the health and health safety of the public and all staff, after careful assessment and multi-party discussions, the organizer announced the cancellation of six concerts scheduled for December 23-26, 31, 2020 and January 1, 2021 at the Hong Kong Sports Museum in Hung Hom. The organizers feel sorry for this decision, and we apologize for any inconvenience caused to the ticket buyers.

The arrangement that tickets can be withdrawn from December 9, 2020 through the city ticketing network will be cancelled. Those who have purchased tickets will not need to go to collect tickets. The refund arrangements will be announced before December 23, 2020. Please pay close attention to the following official social platforms.

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Yang Qianhui sings its a pity that Im an Aquarius again. His mouth is too affectionate, and Eason Chens eyes are dim when he hears it. (source: original)

The stars of TVB are dim? Wang Mingquan, 73, and Fan Bingbing, 39! Yang Qianyi holds up the scene! Multi functional girlfriends get together again, and Yang Qianhuangs new program thanks Zhu Chenli and Chen Wei for supporting the show. Yang Qianhu, 46, is so ugly that she cant hide her waist and looks like a passer-by in plain clothes. Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Han Chong_ NBJ11345