Performance forecast and stock price rise! The listed companies in these industries are worth looking forward to

 Performance forecast and stock price rise! The listed companies in these industries are worth looking forward to

The companys share price rose

First, lets look at Lucheng technology, which has increased by nearly 20% in three days. On the evening of November 30, the company revised the annual loss forecast in the third quarter report, and the revised estimated results enabled the company to turn losses into profits.

As for the big reversal of performance, the company said that it had written off the patent license fees payable of US $24.0277 million (equivalent to about RMB 158 million) accrued in the previous year. This write off will increase the net profit attributable to the parent company by about 158 million yuan in 2020, both of which are non recurring gains and losses.

As soon as the news came out, the companys share price rose and closed on December 1. After that, although there was a slight decline on December 2, the trading limit was harvested again on December 3, with a cumulative increase of 19.54%.

Yutong technology disclosed the annual performance forecast on November 30. The announcement predicted that the full year profit in 2020 would be 1.097 billion yuan to 1.202 billion yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 5% to 15%. According to the company, this is mainly due to the positive market development and the gradual release of capacity in the early stage, which makes the operating revenue increase by 15% - 20% in 2020.

The performance pre increase also allows the company to harvest three consecutive red in the secondary market. During the three trading days from December 1 to December 3, the companys stock price rose by more than 10%.

The reporter noted that lire chemical, whose performance exceeded expectations, successfully gained trading limits on the day after it disclosed its annual performance forecast.

Lear chemical disclosed on the evening of December 1 that the company expected to achieve a net profit of 560 million yuan to 622 million yuan, an increase of 80% to 100% year-on-year. The increase in sales volume and sales price of some products are the main driving force for the company to achieve year-on-year increase in performance.

Good track + performance reflects the hard power of a company. The reporter noted that the above three pre added companies have potential in their industries, and the annual performance of Listed Companies in related industries is worth looking forward to.

Lear chemical, the main pesticide, whose main product is glufosinate, is the biggest guarantee for the companys performance. According to the Research Report of securities companies, the actual transaction price of glufosinate has risen to 165000 yuan to 170000 yuan / ton, up 58.1% since the beginning of the year and 13.3% since October.

The data show that glufosinate has the comprehensive properties of high efficiency, broad spectrum, low toxicity and low resistance, so it has a broad market prospect. It is reported that in recent years, due to the production capacity in North China and East China has not been released as scheduled, the mainstream suppliers are in a tight spot.

Overseas glufosinate enterprises continue to shrink, domestic new production capacity is limited, while the demand maintains high growth, the high boom of glufosinate may exceed expectations. Some people familiar with the agricultural chemical industry said.

In addition to lear chemical, A-share companies involved in glufosinate business also Limin shares, * ST Huifeng, etc.

Taking Limin as an example, Weiyuan Biochemical Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Limin, is an old brand enterprise that has entered the glufosinate industry earlier in China, with a production capacity of 1450 tons / year. Limin also said in the interactive platform that the demand for glufosinate and mancozeb was strong, and the production capacity remained stable. At present, it was stepping up the organization of production to meet the market demand.

Yutong technologys entry into the field of environmental protection packaging provides a continuous driving force for the companys future development - plastic restriction order brings significant benefits to the environmental protection packaging industry.

On November 30, the Ministry of Commerce issued the measures for reporting the use and recycling of disposable plastic products in the field of Commerce (for Trial Implementation), encouraging suppliers of alternative environmental protection products to report the production and sales of degradable plastic raw materials, degradable plastic products and other environmental protection substitutes according to the provisions of the measures.

In addition, since December 1, Hainan Province has banned disposable non degradable plastic bags, plastic tableware and other disposable non degradable plastic products.

According to the Research Report of some securities companies, with the gradual promotion of the new plastic restriction policy, environmental protection paper bags and food cardboard will become more ideal alternative materials for food and beverage environmental protection packaging, and the demand is expected to continue to increase. At the same time, degradable plastics also have a large market space.

In the field of environmental protection packaging, Danhua technology, Jinfa technology, Ruifeng high materials and other companies have long had a layout.

Take Jinfa technology as an example, in response to investors questions, the company said that in the first half of the year, the companys total biodegradable plastics sales in domestic and foreign markets increased steadily, and the sales volume of products reached 31400 tons, an increase of 49.28% year-on-year.

In addition, Luchang technology, which focuses on intelligent automobile products, is also in a race track with good potential. Policy driven, product driven and product driven accelerate the development of smart car.

Taking driverless driving as an example, it is reported that on December 3, autox, an automatic driving company, released the first video of completely unmanned driving on Shenzhens prosperous open roads, and the number of the first batch of vehicles landing was 25.

Driverless users have strong willingness to pay, and there is a broad market space for intelligent Internet connected vehicles. Some securities companies believe that driverless is the latest segment of 5g downstream application scenarios, but has the largest potential space. It is expected that the penetration rate of global intelligent connected vehicles will accelerate in the future, and the market space of Internet of vehicles will maintain rapid growth.

Editor: Li kuiling