7.28 million buy 6.6 million auction! Originally want financial freedom, result in two losses of money and housing

 7.28 million buy 6.6 million auction! Originally want financial freedom, result in two losses of money and housing


At the last moment, it was taken by the reserve price

Wei Jings experience of buying the house is rather tortuous. Her experience and complaint are also known as the landmark event that affected the property market in Shenzhen in the first half of the year.

According to a previous report by the daily economic news, Wei Jing, who had nothing to do with Shenzhen house, got to know big V shenfangli on her microblog. She was fascinated by the story of shenfangli about how to get rich by buying a house. Then she paid a membership fee and joined the fan community of shenfangli to open the way to buy Shenzhen houses in other places.

In March this year, at the busiest time of Shenzhen property market, Wei Jing bought a 49.36 square meter residential building in Qianhai, wanghong District, Shenzhen, with a total of 7.28 million yuan from the advance company, according to the proposal of big V, by paying consulting fees and handling fees for house purchase, which is equivalent to 147500 yuan / square meter.

Originally, according to the house purchase plan given by big V, Wei Jing mortgaged the house property to the bank after getting the house property certificate, and then returned the loan amount to the advance company. However, the business loan policy in Shenzhen was suddenly tightened. The Shenzhen Central Branch of the peoples Bank of China issued a notice to the commercial banks in Shenzhen to conduct an emergency self inspection on the illegal inflow of the loan funds into the real estate market.

Wei Jing, who bought a house with leverage, broke the capital chain and was sued by the advance fund company. The property he just started was sealed up by the peoples Court of Luohu District, Shenzhen.

Recently, the source of the suite has finally entered the actual auction stage, with an initial price of 6.6 million yuan, and no bid was made within the first day. Until the end of the day, it was sold at the bottom price with an average price of 133700 yuan / m2.

It is worth noting that if there is no bidding for the auction, the next time the suite source will enter the auction process with a 20% discount, that is, 5.28 million yuan starting price.

Daily economic news reporter inquired Zhuge to find a house, and learned that at present, there are several sets of houses with one room and one hall on sale in Qianhai era. The quotation is from 9 million yuan, equivalent to the unit price of 180000 yuan / square meter.

However, the recent transaction in this residential area is not active. Except for Wei Jings purchase of a flat with 7.28 million yuan in April this year, according to Shenzhen tenants Association, the latest transaction of the same type of flat in Qianhai era was in June this year, with a transaction price of 7.8 million yuan. However, the transaction data of Zhuge, shell and leyoujia stayed in September last year, and the total transaction price of the same type of house was about 5.7 million yuan.

In fact, Qianhai era, located in wanghong District of Shenzhen, is the first batch of residential products supplied by Qianhai, which is jointly developed by Shenzhen Metro Group and CITIC Real estate. According to the previous report of Shenzhen Leju, the latest opening of Qianhai era was on November 22, 2014. The unit price was 39000-45000 yuan / m2, and the unit size was 49-132 square meters and 1-3 rooms. At that time, 675 suite source attracted more than 2000 groups of buyers to choose houses, and the sales of houses on that day were almost sold out.

According to the opening discount announced by the developer on site, mortgage customers can enjoy 1 98% discount and 3 99% discount; the one-time payment customer can add 1 98% discount on this basis. That is to say, at the end of 2014, Wei Jing bought 7.28 million yuan of the same type of house, and the purchase price of first-hand owners was only about 2 million yuan.


Second hand housing transaction gradually stabilized

Recently, Shenzhens property market, on the one hand is the hot new housing, the other is the cold second-hand housing. However, the recent second-hand housing has finally stabilized in the turbulent market demand and doubts after the new deal.

Compared with October, which has eight days of long holidays, the turnover in November has picked up, but the decline is still obvious year-on-year. According to the statistical analysis of second-hand housing online signings from the China Association of Shenzhen real estate, there were 7396 sets of second-hand housing online signatures (including self-service online signatures) in November in Shenzhen, which rebounded by 29% compared with that in October. However, the number of online signatures (including self-service online signatures) in Shenzhen was still down 30.3% compared with 10605 sets in November last year.

Overall, since the new deal, Shenzhens average monthly number of second-hand housing online signings has remained at about 7000 sets, which is generally stable.

However, the second-hand housing market at the end of the year will probably maintain the current overall stable level. On the one hand, affected by the tightening of bank credit at the end of the year, and on the other hand, the demand of the new housing market diverting the second-hand housing market still exists due to the impact of nearly 38 potential entry projects in the new housing market at the end of the year.

Shenzhen Zhongyuan Research Center believes that the second-hand market, because the second-hand housing does not have the price advantage of some new housing, is still in the policy digestion period. Although the cold atmosphere of the second-hand market this month eased slightly compared with last month, the transaction activity is still low. Under the pressure of the primary market, the transaction activity of the second-hand market is still low, but compared with the previous month, the downturn has eased slightly.

Author: Zhen Sujing

Editor: Chen Mengyu