What happened? These demon stocks collectively flash collapse, retail investors receive hot money retreat

 What happened? These demon stocks collectively flash collapse, retail investors receive hot money retreat

On the news, the stocks with large recent gains have prompted risks. Rainbow shares disclosed that its shareholders plan to reduce their holdings by 926 million yuan. Zhongshui fisheries said it had carried out self-examination on insiders, while huazi industry said it was difficult to operate.

However, on the disk, there are still a lot of funds keen on demon stock speculation. After the fall of the Chinese capital industry, the board was opened and pulled up in the afternoon, and Danhua technology once completed the Earth Sky board. A-share speculation often, but eventually inevitably a chicken feather, after the carnival, I do not know who will pay the bill.

On December 4, the recently hot demon stocks in the market were severely hit, with rainbow shares, Xiaokang shares, Yaxing bus, Zhengzhou coal power and other collective drop limit.

Rainbow shares closed the limit shortly after the opening of trading, trading on the same day 1.042 billion yuan, a turnover rate of 5.19%. Prior to this, rainbow shares have been trading for seven consecutive days.

Recently, the soaring Zhengzhou coal power industry is also hard to escape the tragic callback. On December 4, Zhengzhou coal and power company closed down the drop limit after the opening of trading, with a turnover rate of 3.82% and only 198 million yuan in a single day.

In addition, the previous continuous trading of well-off shares and so on also fell.

Interestingly, these stocks have been hot pursuit of hot money, and the big drop is that hot money has been withdrawn, and a number of chasing high retail investors have been trapped.

Take Zhengzhou coal power as an example, since November 23, it has been on the dragon tiger for many times. On November 23, the business department of Xinrui hot money Xingye securities Shanxi Branch became the first one in the list of dragon and tiger, with 5.6317 million yuan of buying in a single day. On the same day, there were also active hot money seats such as the business department of Fenghuang road of Huzhou securities of the Federal reserve.

On November 24, industrial securities Shaanxi Branch, Federal Reserve securities Huzhou Fenghuang Road business department, Guangfa Securities Guangzhou Nonglin lower road business department seats continued to buy.

On November 27, industrial securities Shaanxi branch appeared at the top of the list of sellers, with a net sales of 13.6879 million yuan. Old hot money Galaxy Securities Beijing Zhongguancun Street business department seats began to buy relay.

By December 1, the purchase of hot money has been significantly reduced. Guosheng securities Ningbo Sangtian Road Securities Business Department entered and exported a large amount of money within a day, buying 1948.86 million yuan and selling 22.4231 million yuan. On the same day, Zhengzhou coal power appeared a long shadow line, the amplitude was as high as 16.09%, and the turnover rate was more than 18%.

On December 3, a large number of hot money has been withdrawn from Zhengzhou coal and power, and retail investors have become the main supplier. The business department of Dongfang fortune, known as the base camp of retail investors, has occupied the top 5 buyers of Longhu list, while Dongguan securities Zhejiang branch and Guotai Junan Shanghai branch are among the top sellers of Longhu list.

December 4, Zhengzhou coal power unlimited drop limit.

From the listed companies to the market participants, we all know the risks contained in the soaring stock prices.

On December 1, after five connected boards, rainbow Co., Ltd. issued a Clarification Announcement, saying that the company does not have the business greatly hyped in the market of OLED, flexible screen and graphene mobile phone.

At the same time, rainbow shares also said that the companys two shareholders holding more than 5% and the companys supervisors issued a plan to reduce their holdings. Among them, Hefei core screen industry investment fund (limited partnership) (hereinafter referred to as core screen fund) plans to reduce its holding of no more than 71767700 shares of the company by means of centralized bidding; Shaanxi Ruyi radio and Television Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Ruyi radio and television) plans to reduce its holding of no more than 35883800 shares by means of centralized bidding; and Wang Xiaoyang plans to reduce its holding by no more than 3000 shares by means of centralized bidding.

The large-scale reduction finally broke the market sentiment, and all kinds of funds fled. Rainbow shares fell sharply on December 4.

Coincidentally, huazi industry, Zhengzhou coal and Power Co., Ltd. have frequently indicated risks in the process of stock price rise. For example, according to the announcement of huazi industry, the companys production and operation are normal, and the income mainly comes from the investment income of Hengtai securities. The companys main business of raw sugar processing business due to small volume, trading sugar as a part of the profit is meager, after deducting the period expenses, the main business has been in deficit in recent years.

In addition, the financial products of new era Trust Co., Ltd. purchased by huazi industry with its own funds of 120 million yuan have not received the due net income of about 4.98 million yuan (before tax) after July 20, 2020. There is uncertainty whether the investment principal and net income due can be recovered.

Zhengzhou coal power on the evening of December 2 prompted the companys share price is too high risk, the company said in the announcement, since this year, the companys production and operation is basically stable. The main economic indicators were affected by the market and the transition of production succession, and the profit decreased significantly compared with the same period last year. From January to September 2020, the company produced a total of 5.351 million tons of raw coal, sold 5.2878 million tons of raw coal, and the operating income was 2.006 billion yuan. The net profit attributable to the shareholders of the listed company was -407 million yuan, and the basic earnings per share was -0.33 yuan. On December 2, 2020, the closing P / E ratio (rolling) of the companys shares is -4.3460 times and the P / B ratio is 2.2486 times. Due to the companys losses in the first three quarters, the P / E ratio is not comparable, and the P / B ratio is at a high level in the same industry. Investors are particularly reminded to pay attention to the transaction risks in the secondary market.

Whats interesting is that although there are lessons learned from Zhengzhou coal and power, there are still many funds in the market who are keen on demon stock speculation. After the drop limit of Chinese enterprises, the board was opened and pulled up in the afternoon. Danhua technology once completed the Earth Sky board. Recently, the water fishery industry, which has been trading frequently, also opened high and went up by more than 7% on December 4.

On December 3, Zhongshui fisheries announced that, in order to protect the rights and interests of investors, the company has carried out self inspection work including but not limited to directors, supervisors, senior executives, relevant shareholders, intermediary agencies and other insiders in order to protect the rights and interests of investors, and actively applied for relevant information filing with Shenzhen Stock Exchange and Beijing Securities Regulatory Bureau. The company will timely disclose the progress of relevant matters.

China Water Fisheries said that the non-public issuance of a shares in 2020 still needs to be approved or approved by the controlling shareholder China Agricultural Development Group Co., Ltd., the companys general meeting of shareholders and the China Securities Regulatory Commission, and there is still some uncertainty whether the above-mentioned approval or approval can be obtained. At the same time, the stock price change verification results may also affect the approval process of this non-public offering. In particular, investors are reminded to pay attention to the approval risk of this transaction.

As of December 2020, the price earnings ratio of the company is - 50.4 times. The companys loss in the first three quarters was - 55.7946 million yuan (see announcement 2020-032 for details). Compared with the companies in the same industry, the P / E ratio and P / B ratio are at a higher level. Investors are particularly reminded to pay attention to the transaction risks in the secondary market.

Judging from the dragon and tiger list, Huaxin Securities Shanghai Branch, Dongguan securities Zhejiang branch, Founder Securities Co., Ltd. Xuchang Qiyi Road Securities Business Department seats have recently made a big purchase of reclaimed water fisheries. However, on December 2, the three star hot money business department seats all chose to sell, with 10.989 million yuan, 10.0265 million yuan and 8.1238 million yuan respectively, occupying the second, third and fourth places in the dragon and tiger list.

This article is from securities companies in China. Author: Geng Yin, editor in charge: Zhong Qiming_ NF5619