Hotel bookings in Ganzi Prefecture, Dingzhens hometown increased by 111percent, and winter ice and snow travel increased

 Hotel bookings in Ganzi Prefecture, Dingzhens hometown increased by 111percent, and winter ice and snow travel increased

Other places are not willing to be lonely, so they leave one after another and invite Ding Zhen to be a guest. In fact, they are taking advantage of the opportunity to market their own tourism resources.

This winter, the tourism market is not cold, a grab people war has begun.

Discount wave after wave

After Ding Zhen became popular, he became the spokesman of his hometown, shooting Ding Zhens world.

Ganzi Prefecture Government not only carried out wave after wave of publicity, but also launched a number of policies to attract tourists. According to reports, from November 15 this year to February 1 next year, 67 A-level scenic spots in the state will implement a free admission policy for tourists, including half price hotels and discount tickets. In order to facilitate the choice of tourists and closely follow the theme of enjoying ice and snow, bathing in hot spring, bathing in sunshine, watching the sea of flowers, exploring the secret land and enjoying health, Ganzi Prefecture has also launched 10 winter and spring boutique tourism routes.

Not only Ganzi Prefecture, but other parts of the country are not willing to lag behind, and they have launched big gift packages to benefit the people. For example, relevant departments in Guangxi announced that from November 1, 2020 to January 31, 2021, scenic spots above 4A level in Guangxi will be open to national tourists free of charge or 50% discount, and will introduce multiple preferential measures for cultural tourism, such as cultural tourism performance, night tour and theme park projects, as well as preferential air tickets. Shandong launched the 2020 winter tour Qilu u00b7 hospitable Shandong Huimin season lasting for nearly four months, launched 532 key activities, 305 measures to benefit the people, and more than 300 winter Featured high-quality products

At the same time, the discount strength of all kinds of businesses is also increasing. From late November to December every year, it is the traditional off-season. In order to attract tourists consumption, travel agencies, online travel platforms and other businesses often launch promotional activities. There will be great discounts for group tours, one-day tours and scenic spots tickets. Not only that, air ticket prices, hotel prices, etc. are also at the bottom of the year. Take the air ticket between Beijing and Chengdu as an example. At present, it only costs about 1000 yuan, even less than the one-way price in peak period.

The discount wave after wave, consumers benefit a lot. This time to go out to play, less people, cheap, it is worth arranging the annual leave. Beijing tourist Wang Fan said.

Ice and snow tourism is heating up

The weather is getting colder and the first snow has fallen in many areas. Ice and snow is a special theme of winter tourism. Since November, ice and snow tourism has gradually begun to heat up.

Especially in the three northeastern provinces, skiing Festival, ice and snow carnival, winter fishing culture festival Everything has been arranged. The winter tourism promotion meeting of Aershan City, Inner Mongolia, was held in Beijing to show people the beautiful ecological environment and unique ice and snow resources; Kanas, a well-known scenic spot in Xinjiang, has also prepared a number of tourism activities; Zhengzhou, Henan Province has launched a tourist attraction incentive policy for travel agencies, and has jointly organized a snow and ice Cultural Festival with provincial and municipal cultural, tourism and sports departments

Dr. Han Yuanjun of China Tourism Research Institute said that the performance of winter ice and snow tourism market is worth looking forward to, and the retaliatory growth of domestic snow fields is a high probability event. However, it is worth noting that the growth will have regional characteristics, and the number of tourists of mature destination type snow fields, as well as leisure and entertainment snow fields around the city with strong consumption capacity will increase rapidly.

Li Chen, a ski coach at Chongli snow field in Hebei Province, also runs a local restaurant. Last season, novel coronavirus pneumonia was ended early. I hope to make up for the loss in this snowy season. Li Chen said that in recent years, the atmosphere of ice and snow sports in China is getting better and better. Not only a large number of ice and snow sports enthusiasts, but also many ordinary people begin to take the snow rink as a good place for weekend leisure. We didnt enjoy the last snow season, and because of the epidemic situation in foreign snow resorts, these demands will be transferred to the domestic ski resorts in this season..

It is understood that at present, domestic mainstream snow fields have been opened in the early November. According to Ctrip data, with the opening of ski resorts, skiing tourism routes have become more and more popular since late November, with a growth rate of more than 300%. Currently, popular destinations are concentrated in Heilongjiang, Jilin, Hebei and other places.

In terms of products, all travel agencies and online tourism platforms have launched skiing group tour, self driving tour, one-day tour and other products. In addition, ski package tickets, course coaches and other products are more abundant than in previous years.

From the price point of view, the price of hotels around domestic popular ice and snow tourism destinations has risen. In this regard, the sales staff of travel agencies suggest that tourists who have time can choose to travel before the end of the year. In the peak period of skiing tourism such as new years day, the price rise will be more obvious.

Cold Tour is still the leading role

Some people like the ice covered thousands of miles in the north, while others like the warm weather in the south. Compared with the ice and snow Tour, the cold Tour has always been one of the leading roles in the winter tourism market. Hainan, Guangdong and Yunnan are all traditional popular destinations.

Yin Xiaoyan, from Jinan, Shandong Province, is choosing holiday products for her parents. Its the end of the year soon. I want my parents who have worked hard for a year to have a good rest. Sanya and Zhuhai are all within the scope of my choice..

Ive tried a custom tour this year, and I feel good. Im thinking about letting my parents experience it. Ill arrange the itinerary and service according to their preferences and needs. Its both reassuring and reassuring. Yin Xiaoyan said.

At present, many businesses launch customized tours for the elderly, hoping to bring them different quality experience. Relevant data show that during the National Day holiday, domestic customization demand increased by 75% year-on-year, recovered and exceeded the same period last year, especially the domestic high-end customization demand increased by 300%. In addition, some exquisite small group tour and private group products with about 10 people are also increasingly popular in the market.

In this regard, experts said that privacy and customization are the biggest features of customized tours. Affected by the epidemic situation, people have higher requirements on travel safety. Customized tours do not mix with strangers, and the service is more targeted. Therefore, it has become a fast growing subdivision field this year.