Yan Qingmin: investors education should be brought into the national education system with a view to universality

 Yan Qingmin: investors education should be brought into the national education system with a view to universality

General secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that Lide Shuren should be the central link of education. To bring investor education into the national education system is also an important embodiment of practicing Four Consciousness and two maintenance. In December last year, in order to promote this work, vice governor Guo Ningning and I had a discussion, reached a consensus on cooperation, and witnessed the signing of the memorandum of cooperation on strengthening the popularization and education of securities and futures knowledge within the jurisdiction of Fujian Province by Fujian securities regulatory bureau and Fujian Provincial Education Department. Todays training in Fujian will further promote the implementation of this work.

The Party committee of the CSRC attaches great importance to bringing investor education into the national education system. Chairman Yi Huiman pointed out that investor education should be strengthened and integrated into the national education system. Chinas capital market has just been established for 30 years. The trading system is not complete, the market system is not perfect, the regulatory system is not suitable, and the traders are not mature. There are 170 million small and medium-sized investors in our retail market. To solve the four noes problem, we must pay attention to investor education. I would like to take this opportunity to talk about two experiences and some suggestions.

1u3001 It is of far-reaching significance to bring teaching into the national education system

First, it is the practical need to improve the national financial literacy. The United States is one of the first countries to incorporate financial education into school daily teaching. In the 1990s, financial literacy education has been regarded as an important part of civic education. The Fifth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China has clearly defined the long-term goal of basically realizing socialist modernization by 2035, and put forward for the first time that more obvious substantive progress has been made for the common prosperity of all the people. To achieve the goal of the Fifth Plenary Session of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and achieve common prosperity, we must improve the quality of national financial management. To strengthen the popularization of securities and futures knowledge in school education is to learn from the best international regulatory practices, help the public to cultivate a correct sense of financial management, prevent financial risks on the basis of the masses, and maintain national financial security and social stability.

The second is the vivid practice of people-centered development concept. Bringing investor education into the national education system can improve the quality of investors from the source and enhance their self-protection ability, so that investors right to know, participation, dividend, trading rights and other rights can be fully protected and treated fairly, and convenient and effective regulatory protection and judicial relief can be obtained when legitimate rights and interests are infringed, which is related to the vital interests of hundreds of millions of people Interest is the concrete embodiment of Chinas capital market implementing Xi Jinpings new socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics and implementing the concept of people centered development.

The third is the inevitable requirement of long-term and healthy development of capital market. Investors are the foundation of the development of the capital market. Their concept, behavior and structure determine the development level and function of the capital market to a certain extent. The realization of grasping the early and grasping the small of investor education is conducive to cultivating rational investors for the capital market from the source, improving their recognition, understanding and tolerance of the market, rationally participating in the market and sharing the fruits of social and economic development. At the same time, it is also conducive to promote listed companies, securities and futures companies and other market operators to establish the concept of investors first, better serve investors, and help the capital market serve the real economy.

2u3001 Problems faced by the integration of investment and education into the national education system

First, there are differences in understanding and unbalanced regional development. Although there are clear requirements in the documents of the State Council and ministries and commissions, there are still differences in understanding the necessity of this work in practice. At present, the pilot areas where financial securities knowledge education is incorporated into the local curriculum system of compulsory education and senior high school education are mainly concentrated in some primary and secondary schools in developed areas such as Shanghai, Guangdong and Zhejiang. In remote areas or other areas where the development of capital market is relatively backward, the relevant departments of local governments have insufficient understanding of the importance of capital market development and investor education and protection, and the human resources and funds for investor education and protection work are limited, which makes it more difficult to carry out the work effectively. In fact, the poverty-stricken areas need to change their concepts and realize that childrens financial intelligence quality education can essentially change peoples cognition of environment, wealth and life, truly realize the change of fate of knowledge and effectively block the intergenerational transmission of poverty. It is still necessary to reach a consensus that investor education should be included in national education at all stages in different regions.

Second, there is a gap in implementation, and exchanges and cooperation need to be strengthened. After early efforts, some securities regulatory bureaus have signed cooperation agreements with local education departments, but the contents of the agreements have not yet been fully implemented. We need to continue to work, further strengthen communication and cooperation, actively strive for support and form a joint force. At the same time, we should also mobilize all kinds of business institutions to play the role of the main force, strengthen cooperation with local schools, firmly grasp the essential requirements of public welfare and universal benefit, actively perform social responsibilities, continuously increase investment, and continuously launch more abundant securities and futures learning resources.

Third, the means need to be innovated, and the empowerment of science and technology is not enough. At present, the forms of investment and education products are more and more abundant, and the means of investment and education publicity are more and more interesting. However, with the rapid development of capital market reform and the continuous reform of modern education methods and communication means, new challenges are constantly put forward to the investment and education work. We should be good at making use of big data, artificial intelligence and other scientific and technological means to produce investment and education products with comprehensible, remembered and cultural, so as to make financial knowledge into the brain and heart, and truly transform it into rational investment concept and ability, and improve the coverage and influence of investment and education into national education.

3u3001 It is necessary to adapt to the new situation and new requirements to bring teaching into the national education system

The new securities law implemented this year takes the protection of the legitimate rights and interests of investors as its core objective and fundamental purpose. It has added a special chapter on investor protection and made a lot of institutional innovations on issues such as investor civil compensation. Investor protection is also an important part of comprehensively deepening the reform of the capital market. We should start from a higher starting point with greater determination, stronger strength and more solid measures We should do a good job in bringing investor education into the national education system.

Second, we should pay attention to the universality. The incorporation of investor education into the national education system has no effect. It is not to teach everyone to get rich immediately, but to cultivate the values of honesty, trustworthiness, wealth, diligence and thrift from childhood. We should focus on the principle of universal benefit, let the broad masses of the people benefit from it, and continue to push forward this work unswervingly.

Third, we should pay attention to systematicness. The Fifth Plenary Session of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China regards adhering to the concept of system as one of the five principles that must be followed in Chinas economic and social development during the period of the 14th five year plan. This work involves many subjects and large investment in the early stage, which requires the joint efforts and participation of all parties in the market and all sectors of society. We should further strengthen exchanges and cooperation and seek joint efforts of all parties.

Fourth, we should pay attention to gradual progress. It is a reform method with Chinese characteristics and in line with the reality that the education level of the people varies greatly. Education is an imperceptible process, and it is impossible to finish its work in one battle. From the experience of mature market, the formation of stable wealth view needs to go through the accumulation of several generations. We should make persistent efforts to summarize and evaluate in stages. We believe that after a period of time, the effect of teaching and teaching will be more obvious.

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