This is the latest and most vicious praise of China by the US government

 This is the latest and most vicious praise of China by the US government

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At the beginning of the article, Ratcliffe pointed the spearhead directly to China: as the director of national intelligence, I have access to more information than any member of the U.S. government except the president. I supervise intelligence agencies, and my office provides the president with a daily briefing detailing the threats facing the United States. If I can convey one thing to the American people from this unique vantage point, it is that the peoples Republic of China is the greatest threat to the United States today and the greatest threat to democracy and freedom throughout the world since World War II.

Then, Ratcliffe declared, the intelligence is clear: Beijing intends to dominate the United States and the rest of the world economically, militarily and technologically.

In the article, Ratcliffe also claims that I call its economic espionage means robbery, copying and substitution, and speculates that China steals the intellectual property rights of American enterprises, replicates technologies, and then replaces American enterprises in the global market.

For Ratcliffes words, many netizens obviously cant read it.

Some hostages asked, are you demonizing China now? Why dont you take care of your family affairs first? A kind of

Others scoffed, what a joke! How do other countries steal US military secrets? If it can, Iran should already have a hydrogen bomb. A kind of

Some people are not polite. I dont feel the threat or oppression from China. On the contrary, I feel the oppression and persecution from our so-called democratic government. A kind of

Some even said bluntly: its a dying struggle for the collapse of the Empire. A kind of

On issues such as whether China poses a threat to the United States, Chinese State Councilor and foreign minister Wang Yi has responded earlier that China is willing to follow the five principles of peaceful coexistence with the United States to establish and develop long-term stable friendly and cooperative relations. This is Chinas established policy. On the contrary, the United States has been exerting pressure on China, frequently criticizing and discrediting China. It is clear who is threatening whom. For example, the National Peoples Congress of China has never passed any proposal concerning the internal affairs of the United States, but the United States will consider and pass various bills that interfere with Chinas internal affairs one after another; Chinas warships and aircraft have never been around the United States to show their strength, and it is precisely the United States that constantly sends warships and planes to Chinas doorstep to flaunt its power; China has never Any American enterprise that has been sanctioned has always welcomed American enterprises to invest in China and provide them with a good business environment. However, the US side has tried every means to suppress Chinese enterprises and impose so-called unilateral sanctions and long arm jurisdiction on Chinese enterprises to restrict Chinas development rights. So when it comes to the threat, its not a threat to China, but a threat to China. The problem to be solved is how to eliminate this threat from the United States. Source: Global Times editor in charge: Chen Hequn_ NB12679