Black technology! Tong Zhuo in the great pediatrician was changed by AI

 Black technology! Tong Zhuo in the great pediatrician was changed by AI

In this play, the use of technology in the later stage is very good. Before shooting works, Tong Zhuo also acted in many parts. However, it is obviously not appropriate to let him appear in the drama again. So his face was replaced by another person through AI technology.

In this regard, some netizens commented: the body can see that it is him, but his face has changed, so uncomfortable..

The great pediatrician is an urban medical drama directed by Yang Lei and starred by Chen Xiao, Wang Ziwen, Jia Qing and Zhang Muxi. The play tells the story of a group of pediatricians who, in order to protect childrens life line, do their best to treat and serve children wholeheartedly.

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Not banned? Tong Zhuo reveals his work schedule: album and concert

Netease Entertainment reported on August 18 that Tongzhuo studio announced Tongzhuos work schedule in the next few months. The studio published an article saying that there would be new books and cover albums in September, a solo tour concert and a fan meeting in October, and more surprises were arranged in November, so that fans can look forward to it.

Different from other artists who were exposed to problems, Tong Zhuo did not quit from social media quietly after he revealed that he had forged his identity during the college entrance examination. Instead, he opened Tong Zhuos studio to update his own dynamic in real time. He has also published a number of microblogs, accusing Zheng Yunlong, who is also a contestant of voice into the hearts of the people, for having nothing to pay, settling in Beijing by using his relationship, and falsifying his graduation thesis.

Previously, Tong Zhuo told himself during the live broadcast that his ideal school in senior three was military arts (the Academy of Arts of the Chinese peoples Liberation Army). Because of the poor results in the college entrance examination, he decided to retake the examination. But the favorite university did not recruit former students, so they used guanxi to change their identity to new students. However, the next year, the result was still not admitted, and finally read the Central Academy of drama.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Li Mingyue_ NBJS12251