Another auto company is exposed to serious difficulties in operation, Hanlong Motor Co., Ltd. has been informed to stop production and stop work

 Another auto company is exposed to serious difficulties in operation, Hanlong Motor Co., Ltd. has been informed to stop production and stop work

Recently, the reporter obtained from the network a Hubei Daye Hanlong automobile (hereinafter referred to as Hanlong automobile) shutdown notice document. According to the contents of the document, in 2020, due to various reasons, the company will have serious difficulties in production and operation. After studying, the company has decided to stop production and stop work within the whole company from November 30.

In addition, according to another document without the companys official seal, Hanlong automobile will lay off employees from December 1, covering all employees except those left behind due to the companys need, and it is planned to complete the layoff within a week.

Reporters in the peoples network leadership message section to see, a netizen said on November 3: Hubei Hanlong Group Co., Ltd. in August 18, 2020 to November 2, this three months did not pay staff wages, nor explain the reasons for arrears, so that our lives in a dilemma, I hope the City Guide can help us find out the reasons, so that our wages can be paid as soon as possible.

Daye human resources and Social Security Bureau intervened in the investigation. The result of the investigation shows that Hanlong automobile is in arrears with thousands of employees, which is estimated to be more than 10 million yuan, and has been more than four months. Hanlong Automobile Co., Ltd. has issued a notice to Hanlong Automobile Co., Ltd. and dealt with it according to law. Hanlong motor has promised to pay off the arrears of wages and advance expenses of the employees who signed the agreement at the end of the year.

According to the data, Hanlong automobile was registered and established in Daye Administration for Industry and Commerce on January 7, 2016, with a registered capital and paid in capital of 1 billion yuan. Its legal representative is Tian Dajun. The business scope of the company includes research and development, production, sales, maintenance of automobiles, engines and parts, etc.

In fact, Hanlong automobile and Zhongtai automobile have a blood relationship, because it is invested and established by Tieniu group, and is a branch of Zhejiang Zhongtai Automobile Co., Ltd. located in Daye, and used to manufacture T700 models for Zhongtai automobile. In November 2019, Hanlong Motor Co., Ltd. launched its first medium and large-scale SUV Hanlong Kuang Shi model as a brand, with a price of 159800-243900 yuan.

According to the official website of Hanlong automobile, the companys products cover five major product series, including sedan, SUV, MVP, pure electric and hybrid power. However, the reporter found on the official website of Hanlong automobile that only one Hanlong Kuangshi model is on sale, and a large and medium-sized SUV code named L12 is still on hold.

In addition to the single product line, Hanlong automobile also continues the poor quality of brother units. In the major automobile forums and quality consumption network, Hanlong is full of poor product quality and core parts problems. Just recently, a top equipped Hanlong Kuangshi car owner made a voice on the design media that his new Kuangshi model had various quality problems, which led to its drive to Daye, the headquarters of Hanlong automobile. At present, it has not been repaired.

Source: interface news editor: Yang Bin_ NF4368