At the critical moment, two major events have taken place in China and the United States!

 At the critical moment, two major events have taken place in China and the United States!

Finally, 2020 has come to an end. We have witnessed both the most exciting joy and the most heartbreaking tragedy.

Every major event, with many of the most, will be recorded in history, so that countless future generations smack sigh!

Talk less and go straight to the subject.

Trump delivered the most important speech, the first major event in the United States.

Thats not what I said, its trump himself said: This is the most important speech Ive ever made.

Its extraordinary. After the U.S. election, trump stayed in seclusion and rarely spoke publicly.

But this Wednesday, he suddenly delivered a speech, and it was very colorful. It was 46 minutes.

Trumps 46 was quickly searched.

What was the most important speech?

The disgraceful side of America.

The president couldnt look down on it and revealed it in person.

Trumps original words are:

What a bad law in America?

Trumps answer is simple: he won the election, but all kinds of election fraud make him angry and unacceptable.

Trump concluded by saying: my friends have congratulated me on a series of successes in my presidency, but all of these, taken together, are not as important as what I am doing, which is to save our electoral system and our country.

The United States is in dire straits, and trump has no choice but to save the United States.

That is to say, trump is not going to admit defeat, and he will continue to fight.

What do Americans think?

Some people supported him for his indomitability, while others scolded him for his persistent fighting. Another American sighed:

This is the most important speech Ive ever made,

Its not about the fact that the hospital has no beds

Its not about unbelievable food shortages

Its not about financial aid

What he thinks is the most important speech

Its all about himself!

Alas, an America still tearing apart.

The second big event in America, the saddest day in America.

Seeing some Americans sigh: This is the saddest day in American history.

The data are cold, but they tell the story.

On the day of the hot search on trumps 46, according to CNN, the death toll of the new crown in the United States in one day reached 2804.

More than 2800 lives in a day.

But the more tragic is still to come.

According to CNNs analysis, in the next few weeks, we will see 3000, or even more than 4000, deaths per day in the United States.

You know, the September 11 incident in the United States, which changed the world, included terrorists, with a total death toll of 2996. But in the United States, the death toll in one day exceeded that in the entire 9 / 11 incident.

Watching Hollywood movies, the life of Americans is their life. For an American, the United States can do whatever it takes. But now, thousands of people die a day, and Americans feel numb.

Hollywood film is art, but life is the cruelest art.

Just now I have a look at the situation in the United States in the early morning of this (December 4) Beijing time

14061606 cases were diagnosed;

Shuangshuang is the first in the world.

The reason why I marked to a single digit, because behind this is a piece of life!

You know, we are highly concerned about the sporadic cases of several confirmed cases in China; however, in the United States, this is a geometric multiple of the data, and the increase in a day is more than that in China.

It may be the biggest mystery in the 21st century that a country with the most advanced science and technology and the most advanced medical treatment in the world should be reduced to such a level. I really dont know how to say it?

Ignorance is not an obstacle to survival, arrogance is!


Take off from the moon.

After digging two kilograms of earth on the moon, the ascent of change-5 entered the scheduled orbit around the moon, which was the first time that China realized the take-off of an extraterrestrial object.

The next step is to return to earth with lunar products.

There is no doubt that this is a milestone for China.

As the final battle in the three-step process of Chinas lunar exploration project, change-5 will achieve four firsts in Chinas space history

The first exo take-off

The first lunar orbit rendezvous and docking

For the world, it also means a lot. China will become the third country to retrieve samples from the moon after the United States and the Soviet Union.

Long time no see, moon.

Whats more, in the words of a friend, Chinas change-5 will bring back the youngest Lunar Sample ever returned to earth.

Chinas second major event, the historic announcement.

Thats the biggest news.

At the important meeting yesterday, according to the Xinhua news agency, the leader said this:

Please note the key words:

Nearly 100 million people have been lifted out of poverty

All over the world

As I said before, this is undoubtedly an eternal virtue, no matter from which point of view.

Apart from China, there should be no other country that can make great efforts to help the poor on a large scale!

In particular, this year is very, very special, and the world economy has suffered a heavy blow. China has not only taken the lead in getting out of the shadow, but also announced that it has lifted itself out of poverty as scheduled, which reflects the hard work and hard work of the Chinese people.

Among them, how many peoples sweat and tears, and how many poverty alleviation cadres youth and dedication, even their lives.

We look up at the stars, but more down-to-earth.

Even Australian Prime Minister Morrison, who has been at odds with China recently, has publicly lamented that no country can lift more people out of poverty like China.

Morrison should be very touched by what the Chinese say and do!


Of course, a lot has happened in the world in the past 24 hours.

For the United States, the most important thing at present is internal affairs; however, Chinas diplomacy is still under pressure.

In this regard, Hua Chunying made it clear yesterday that:

She also said:

Today is not three oclock. Lets focus on one point.

Without a high degree of concern for peoples livelihood and respect for life, can we achieve todays poverty alleviation achievements? Can we succeed in the war today? Can we return with full blood of economy?

impossible. Look at America.

Really, at the critical moment, the thunderbolt means are the heart of Bodhisattva and the ruling ability.

In 2020, there are too many painful lessons.

We have witnessed too much history. We can see how a big eastern country can make concerted efforts to turn the tide back, and then continue to move towards the goal. We also see how a big western country has become the most miserable country. Even after the election for a month, it is still a chicken feather, which makes the whole world laugh.

At the time when peoples livelihood should be paid more attention to, they are still calculating various struggles and digging holes everywhere.

Mentality is not good, see what is sour.

The competition among big powers is not to be neglected at all. The result of negligence is the disaster of the people and the tragedy of the country.