China is ready for mass production of new crown vaccine

 China is ready for mass production of new crown vaccine

At the same time, the United Kingdom, Russia, Italy and other countries have also announced the schedule of their own vaccination plans, in which the United Kingdom will provide the new crown vaccine nationwide from next week.

Not long ago, who director general tamdesai said at a press conference that there is now real hope to end the epidemic by combining the use of vaccines and effective public health measures.

Preparation for large scale production in China

Sun Chunlan pointed out that at present, 14 vaccines from five technical routes in China have entered clinical trials, among which 5 vaccines are undergoing phase III clinical trials according to the procedures and standards, and the work of emergency use and production preparation has been promoted orderly.

Sun Chunlan pointed out that in the next step, we should continue to scientifically and rigorously promote the phase III clinical trials of vaccines, and do a good job in the review and approval work in strict accordance with laws and regulations and internationally recognized technical standards, so as to ensure that the vaccine is safe and effective and can withstand all aspects of testing. It is necessary to make preparations for large-scale production. According to the needs of epidemic prevention and control in winter, the emergency use of high-risk groups such as relevant employees and front-line supervisors at ports will be completed this year.

At present, the five new coronavirus vaccines entering the phase III clinical trial stage are two new coronavirus inactivated vaccines developed by sinopharma group, a new coronavirus inactivated vaccine developed by Kexing Zhongwei, an adenovirus vector vaccine developed by academician Chen Wei and a recombinant protein vaccine developed by Zhifei biology.

Among them, according to the public information, the progress of the two vaccines of sinopharma group is faster. On November 25, Shi Shengyi, deputy general manager of Sinopharm group, said that Sinopharm group had submitted an application for listing the new crown vaccine to the State Food and drug administration. The reporter of 21st century economic report also called the relevant person in charge of Chinas biology to further verify the relevant progress, but as of the time of publication, the other party did not reply. Sinopharm group has not released relevant announcement on this matter.

However, it was revealed at the third Hongqiao International Health Science and Technology Innovation Forum on November 6 that Liu Jingzhen, chairman of Sinopharm group, revealed that hundreds of thousands of people had been urgently vaccinated with two kinds of new crown inactivated vaccines under sinopharma group, and there was no serious adverse reaction. The number of people leaving the country after vaccination reached 56000, and there was no infection at present.

The new crown vaccines of Sinopharm group and SINOCHEM are included in the Jiangsu procurement catalogue.

Liu Jingzhen said that the two inactivated vaccines of sinopharma group are now conducting phase III clinical trials in ten countries, including the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Egypt, Morocco, Peru and Argentina; the new coronal vaccine of Kexing biology is currently undergoing phase III clinical trials in Brazil, Indonesia and other countries.

On November 28, Yin Weidong, chairman of Kexing holding Biotechnology Co., Ltd., said that the companys new crown vaccine is expected to complete the mid-term analysis in early December.

As early as July 22 this year, under the premise of ensuring legal compliance, scientific safety, informed consent and voluntary vaccination, China has officially launched the emergency use of the new crown vaccine to vaccinate high-risk personnel.

On October 20, at a press conference held by the joint prevention and control mechanism of the State Council, Zheng Zhongwei, leader of the vaccine research and development team of the scientific research team and director of the science and technology development center of the National Health Commission, said that it is expected that by the end of this year, the annual production capacity of Chinas new crown vaccine will reach 610 million doses, and the annual production capacity of Chinas new crown vaccine will be effectively expanded on this basis.

In terms of production capacity construction, the reporter of kangxinuo biological recovery 21st century economic report said that they have been actively arranging. In addition to promoting the construction of its own plant, they are also actively seeking partners to ensure the production capacity and subsequent supply of new crown vaccine.

A large-scale global war is imminent

It is worth noting that while China is actively preparing for large-scale production, foreign vaccines have also made further moves.

On November 16, Moderna announced that its new crown candidate vaccine mrna-12733 had excellent performance in the interim analysis of phase III clinical trial, and had reached the statistical efficacy standard specified in the study protocol, and the efficacy reached 94.5%.

It is worth noting that in China, in March 2020, Fosun medicine and BioNTech reached a strategic cooperation, and both sides developed and commercialized vaccine products targeting the new crown virus based on the proprietary BioNTech mRNA platform in Chinese mainland and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.

21st century economic reporter learned from Fosun Pharmaceutical that the new crown vaccine cooperated with biontech has launched phase II clinical trial of bnt162b2 in Taizhou, Jiangsu Province, China, and plans to recruit 960 healthy subjects, aged from 18 to 85, to evaluate the safety and immunogenicity of the candidate vaccine and support its marketing application in China.

At the same time, many countries have also announced their national vaccination schedule.

According to media reports, on December 2, Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed to start mass vaccination of the new crown vaccine next week, starting with the two groups with the highest risk - doctors and teachers. Putin said that in the next few days, Russia will produce more than 2 million doses of new coronal vaccine.

Dutch health minister de Jung predicted that if all goes well, the Dutch will be vaccinated with the first batch of new coronavirus vaccine around January 4 next year.

Italian health minister Roberto Speranza also pointed out that Pfizers vaccine is expected to be in place between January 23 and January 26, 2021, and the country may start vaccinating against the new coronavirus from January 29, 2021. France plans to carry out targeted vaccination at the beginning of next year, and carry out larger scale, wider range and strive for the largest number of vaccination from April to June next year.

At the time when the vaccine is about to be launched, the price is also the focus of public attention, and there are various price versions on the Internet.

Earlier, Liu Jingzhen pointed out in a press conference of the State Council on joint prevention and control that vaccines have the attribute of public goods and will be priced on the basis of cost rather than supply and demand. Pricing must be within the range of public acceptance.

For example, Jiaxing, Yiwu, Shaoxing and other places in Zhejiang Province, which are the earliest provinces to start new crown vaccine appointment, have opened new crown vaccine appointment. According to the Shaoxing health announcement, the emergency vaccination program for the new crown vaccine is two doses, with an interval of 14-28 days. The recommended interval is 28 days. The age of vaccination is 18-59 years old. The price of the vaccine is 200 yuan / bottle, 400 yuan for two doses, and 28 yuan for each dose.

In November 23rd, novel coronavirus pneumonia, a professor of respiratory and critical care medicine at West China Hospital, Sichuan University, said in an interview that the Sichuan has begun the procurement of the new crown pneumonia vaccine, and more people are expected to be vaccinated urgently, according to the Sichuan issue news. Professor Liang Zongan According to his understanding, the price of the new crown vaccine in Sichuan is the same as that in Zhejiang, which is 200 yuan / piece.

As for whether the new crown vaccine will still be 200 yuan / piece after the large-scale nationwide vaccination in the future, Kexing biology told the 21st century economic reporter that it needs to depend on the follow-up vaccine procurement and use scale; the relevant person in charge of kangxinuo told the 21st century economic report that at present, there is no price to be disclosed, but kangxinuo also stressed the attributes of public products of vaccines.

Worldwide, Modernas new crown vaccine program is priced at US $25-30 per dose, while bioentech is sold to the U.S. government at $19.5 per dose.

The good news of the vaccine is coming one after another, which will play an important role in controlling the epidemic situation, and at the same time, it will directly boost the confidence of the capital market.

On December 2, Pfizer rose by 3.53%; biontech rose by 6.21%; its total market value reached US $28.8 billion, up 257% this year; Moderna, which had already soared sharply in the early stage, rose by 1.41%, with a total market value of 56.6 billion yuan.

On December 3, the A-share vaccine board rose strongly. As of the close of the day, Tibet pharmaceutical, Wanfang development and Zhengchuan shares rose by 15%, Wantai bio and Boya bio rose by more than 7%, Shandong Pharmaceutical glass and Weiguang biological Co., Ltd. rose by more than 6%, Kangtai biology, Watson biology and Fosun Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. rose by 5%.

Many securities companies are also optimistic about the vaccine sector. If Huajin securities calculates, the market space of new crown vaccine can reach 90 billion. Societe Generale Securities pointed out that the growth trend of the vaccine industry is significant, and the new crown vaccine is expected to accelerate short-term performance. With the change of industry supply and demand structure, domestic vaccine enterprises with innovative ability are expected to usher in both quantity and price rise market.