Wu Qianyu exposes his new residence and his three rich generations

 Wu Qianyu exposes his new residence and his three rich generations

The unexpected exposure of the interior of the mansion reminds us of her emotional problems with Shi Boxiong. Because there were media reports that they planned to get married next year, and had plans to buy a luxury house as a wedding room. But then Wu Qianyus public denial made their feelings of separation, separation and combination still a mystery.

Moreover, in this photo, friends are in pairs, but Wu Qianyu is alone. After all, Shi Boxiong said that it was possible for the lovers to take photos of the main venue.

Before that, although he had been photographed dating Shi Boxiong for many times, Wu Qianyus attitude towards this kind of scandal has always been vague and repeated. At the earliest stage, he denied it. Later, he suddenly published a picture of flowers with Shi Boxiongs account mark on the Internet. However, when asked about this in a media interview, he said that he had broken up with Shi Boxiong, and then broke up Intermittent photo exposure, but also more for the two peoples emotional mystery

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Wu Qianyu responds to the rumor of marriage news: dont urge me any more and hope to let it go

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According to the Hong Kong media, Shi Boxiong, the third generation of rich people, is ready to marry Wu Qianyu next year and buy a mansion worth about 27.13 million yuan. The two start living together. On July 15, Wu Qianyu sent an article in response to the matter: the vast number of media do not need to urge marriage any more. I am 27 years old. I enjoy my present life, work hard, love life, have family and friends around me, and cherish my present self. As for marriage, I hope to let it go and do the right thing at the right time. Thank you very much for your concern. If there is good news in the future, I will share it with you! Marriage is a multiple choice question, not a required one. Life, living for yourself.