great! He Youjun revealed that his nanny won 30 million and gave him gifts

 great! He Youjun revealed that his nanny won 30 million and gave him gifts

In the chat, he Youjun and Xi Mengyao unintentionally exposed a surprising story. That is the nanny of he Youjuns family who won 30 million lottery tickets when he was a child. As soon as this word comes out, netizens are surprised. Bao Wenjing, who was present, was even more surprised.

He Youjun also told the nanny not to tell anyone about it. The nanny also gave him a reward for buying his first mobile phone of a certain brand in his life.

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Xi Mengyao exposes postpartum depression; her husband he Youjun loves to be coquettish

On December 3, Xi Mengyao posted a long post on her micro blog about her marriage to he Youjun and revealed that she had suffered postpartum depression. She said that because of work and family, everything is living in the eyes of others. It is inevitable to be magnified and evaluated. All disputes and comments still need to be used to, although the habit of being scolded is worse than being scolded.

She said that it was after chatting with Bao Wenjing that she found that she might have a little postpartum depression. Thank her very much for her help. After pregnancy, I fell into a swamp of negative emotions, and I found an outlet to vent It is suggested that mothers who have given birth to their babies should immediately inform their loved ones, family and friends when they feel unhappy and sad. At the same time, they should also keep telling themselves: you are not wrong..

The full text of Xi Mengyao is as follows:

The program is halfway through, so I want to talk about my recent experience.

The show shows us all kinds of things we get along with, sweet and sticky, noisy, game bickering, addicted to hot pot In these details of daily life, we are the real people.

To tell you the truth, when the program was first broadcast, I was very nervous. Because of our work and family, we all live in the eyes of others. It is inevitable to be magnified and evaluated. All disputes and comments need to be used to, although being scolded is worse than being scolded.

Its hard to change others, but its easy to change yourself. You can be free yourself if you try to be calm.

Especially happy to be able to meet netizens bags in the program, also very grateful for her help, so that after pregnancy into the swamp of negative emotions, I found vent. Later I realized that I might have been a little depressed after childbirth. Many netizens said that Mario loves to be coquettish. In fact, she was cultivated in her later stage. Whenever Im not in a good mood to be done.

Marriage age has just begun to count, and our understanding of marriage is still at the entry level. In the process of recording the program, I learned a lot from the communication with sister Bai and sister Xie Nan. Behind every beautiful marriage, there are real hand in hand and occasional circuitous compromise. The key is to find the balance point that makes both people comfortable and comfortable. I hope that in the future marriage road, we can be more leisurely, firm and understanding to go on. Thank you for your attention to us.

Finally, I especially want to say to the mothers who have just given birth to their babies that when you feel unhappy and sad, you should immediately tell your loved ones, family and friends, and at the same time, keep telling yourself: you are not wrong.. Also want to say with you novice dad, she is not affectation, but your lover is sending you a help signal.

(as a digression, writing long essays can also be contagious?? Hahaha)

Xi Mengyao, who was originally a supermodel, and he Youjun, the son of the king of gamblers, who was younger than himself, started a brother-in-law relationship. Both of them received a lot of attention from being together to getting married and having children. Moreover, countless netizens questioned the purity of their feelings because of their identities. Recently, Xi Mengyao responded to he you Juns unlimited quota in an interview. Xi Mengyao, who is considered to be married to a powerful family, confessed that she married love, not a rich family. If there was no love, she would not marry a rich family. Her marriage attitude was very clear. Xi Mengyao and he Youjun once said that it was a flash marriage, so their marriage was based on love.

Xi Mengyao also rarely mentions her mother-in-law. She is absolutely a man of the day. She is deeply loved by Ho hung Shen, the king of gambling. She is also a strong woman with a strong business mind. Xi Mengyao says that her mother-in-law is recognized as a tiger mother and does not pamper her children. After giving her children a certain material basis, she will still be strict with her requirements. Xi Mengyao claims that her mother-in-law is her idol.

Ho you Juns nanny over 30 million related recommendations, less jealous? He you Jun doesnt let Xi Mengyao wear tight pants: too obvious buttocks Xi Mengyao confesses that he married not a rich family, but love, and takes her mother-in-law as an idol. Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Li Mingyue_ NBJS12251

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