Guo Jingjing and his wife take three children on a trip, and Huo Qigang takes the initiative to let his wife rest

 Guo Jingjing and his wife take three children on a trip, and Huo Qigang takes the initiative to let his wife rest

In the photo, Guo Jingjing and her family are visiting a zoo. Their eldest son and daughter are taken care of by their grandparents. They lie on the railing and watch the animals carefully. Huo Qigang took the initiative to take up the task of taking the baby. He held his little daughter to let his wife rest. Guo Jingjing leaned against the fence and seemed tired. She looked at her husband affectionately, and they were very affectionate.

Huo Qigang once revealed that when he didnt have to work, he helped his wife take care of the children, so that she could take a little breath. Now it seems that he is not just talking about it. The name spoiling wife maniac is worthy of the name.

Huo Qigang and his wife are often asked by the media whether they will have a fourth child. Jingjing and her mother-in-law Zhu Lingling all said that three are enough. Huo Qigang has repeatedly responded that everything goes as it is. It seems that his family of five will have a chance to add new population.

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Huo Qigang and Guo Jingjing celebrate their 8th wedding anniversary

Netease Entertainment reported on November 9 that on November 8, Huo Qigang showed photos of a sweet date with Guo Jingjing to celebrate their eighth wedding anniversary.

In the photo, Guo Jingjing leans by Huo Qigangs side, and they are extremely happy against the background of the seaside sunset.

On the other hand, the theme has already been pointed out on the other picture. Huo Qigang wrote: only you and me. Love words Huo Qigang is written to his wife Guo Jingjing. Although we have been married for more than 8 years, there are only you and me in the world tonight. I cant imagine that Huo Qigang, who is always busy with his work, is so sweet and thoughtful that he has no words for his wife. The couple held a red wine cup to celebrate in the candlelight at night, which must be filled with emotion.

According to the previous report, Huo Qigang and Guo Jingjing often go out on separate dates after marriage. Huo Qigang recently posted a picture of his wife Guo Jingjing watching the Cantonese Opera jingchai Ji on the social platform. From the two ticket stubs released by Huo Qi, it can be seen that this is a separate date between him and Guo Jingjing. According to the time on the ticket stub, it can be inferred that Huo Qigang could not wait for the drama to end I love you.

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