Married Lei Jiayin has a late night dinner with a beautiful woman. She once drank a bottle of water with Tong Liya

 Married Lei Jiayin has a late night dinner with a beautiful woman. She once drank a bottle of water with Tong Liya

Lei Jiayins acting is so wonderful that his facial expression perfectly interprets the characters character, which is powerful

Netease Entertainment reported on December 4, December 3, a netizen posted a video of actor Lei Jiayin having a late night dinner with friends on the social platform.

In the video, Lei Jiayin is dressed in a black dress, a hat and a mask, dressed very low-key. He also put his arm on his girlfriends shoulder in the process of chatting with a girl friend nearby. The action looked very intimate, which aroused netizens speculation.

Previously, Lei Jiayin and Tong Liya were filmed drinking the same bottle of coke while filming the movie cohabitation in space and time. After the photo was exposed, Zhai Xu, Lei Jiayins wife, posted an article showing a group photo of her husband and daughter, declaring her sovereignty.

Lei Jiayin and his wife Zhai Xufei married in 2010 and gave birth to a daughter. Their family is very low-key, and rarely show love.

Previously reported

Lei Jiayin recognized the members of the womens League at a glance, claiming to watch talent shows frequently

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Lei Jiayin recognizes the eyes of womens League members at a glance (source: Netease Entertainment)

Lei Jiayin recognizes womens group members with her eye photos

Sun Rui, member of snh48

Netease Entertainment reported on July 6 that in a new issue of extreme challenge, Lei Jiayin recognized sun Rui, a member of snh48, with a picture of a girls eyes, which surprised the guests and other members of the womens League. Lei Jiayin later claimed that I always watch talent shows.. Netizens jokingly said that I have confirmed my eyes, I am a person who often looks at talent shows, it seems that big head is sun Ruis hidden number one powder.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Li Mingyue_ NBJS12251