54 years old and still young? Carina Lau: sister is Gu manlu!

 54 years old and still young? Carina Lau: sister is Gu manlu!

Carina Laus acting skills in her new play are ridiculed by the public again. Her actions are exaggerated and her nostrils are too ugly. She is criticized for only looking for gold (source: ~)

Netease Entertainment reported on December 4 that recently, Carina Lau and Jiang Xin were asked whether they saw the audiences evaluation of their role fitness.

It is reported that in their new drama love comes from, Carina Lau was teased as a young woman with a double ponytail. She is too old for her role. Gu Manzhen, who plays Jiang Xin, also make complaints about her body, and she is advised to lose weight.

Carina Lau admitted that she knew whether the audience was able to make complaints about Gu Manlu. In response, she responded, but Im sorry I didnt really bother about my age. Whether Im suitable for the role or not, I always think Im the one to play Gu manlu.. In addition, Carina Lau also said that she had only seen the film version, and did not compare the version of Jiang Qinqin and Lin Xinru, so she had her own interpretation of the role.

Deep love is an emotional drama of the times directed by Yang Yaya and Yang Bo, and starred by Carina Lau, Jiang Xin, Zheng Yuanchang and Guo Xiaodong. The play tells a sad love story of old Shanghai in 1930s.

Half a life is the first novel that Zhang Ailing, a talented woman of the Republic of China, has repeatedly revised for many years.

In 2003, Lin Xinru, Jiang Qinqin, Tan Yaowen and others put it on the TV screen, which also received a lot of applause.

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Liu Jialing, 55, dressed up as a student sister

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Carina Lau make complaints about double horsetail modeling (source: NetEase entertainment)

Netease Entertainment reported on November 21 that the new version of half life fate starred by Carina Lau and Jiang Xin was renamed love comes from and has been officially broadcast recently. Carina Lau, 55, took over the show three years ago. At that time, she was 52 years old and wanted to play Gu manlu, who was in her 20s. There was a lot of controversy when she came out.

After the play was officially launched, many netizens said that it was difficult for many netizens to accept the double ponytail modeling of Carina Lau. She wore a students uniform and wore a low tied double ponytail to sing a song Jasmine Flower on the stage. Although it is necessary for the plot, the modeling of carina Lau is not in line with the age of the characters in the play.

Netizens make complaints about cant find another young actor to play the young section? My mom, this contrast is a bit too big. double horsetail and Carina Lau haha haha, I have to admire Carina Laus courage to play this young role. Carina Lau is listening to the courage, and now challenging the double horse tail.

In previous versions, a number of female stars have played the role of Gu manlu, and Jiang Qinqins appearance is highly praised. Gu manlu, played by Jiang Qinqin, is dressed in a very gorgeous cheongsam with a velvet matching machine. She has a delicate willow eyebrow, which is very charming and delicate. She only needs a light pick, which is enchanting and frivolous.

In deep love, Jiang Xin plays her sister Gu Manzhen, who has also been criticized by some netizens. Gu Manzhen is a young girl who has just finished reading a book to work. Although Jiang Xins shape is more suitable, her age has also been somewhat different. In addition, she has a larger skeleton, which will lead to a deviation in the sense of girlhood and frailty.

In contrast, Lin Xinrus version of Gu man frame is much softer and more naive. At that time, she had a girlish feeling and a pair of big eyes, which fit the role perfectly.

Is the recommended performance going backwards? Carina Laus performance of the abortion drama is exaggerated by the netizens make complaints about Carina Laus version of half life? This is obviously the elder sisters hegemony in Shanghai. Carina Lau suspects that she used 40 million Qing flower vases and flower breakfasts to drink 30 thousand red wine with abalone. This article: NetEase entertainment editor: Li Mingyue NBJS12251