rich! Zhou yangqingxiu 9-layer famous brand shoe cabinet, Luo Zhixiang with the same model

 rich! Zhou yangqingxiu 9-layer famous brand shoe cabinet, Luo Zhixiang with the same model

These shoes are famous brands at random. For example, she has a picture with a pair of high top shoes, which are the hot inverted hook shoes in 2019. At that time, the prices were constantly rising. Some people say that the selling price is 1299 yuan, but it is as high as 15000 yuan on the major sales platforms.

Even netizens said in the comments: this wall is enough to reach a suite!

It is understood that in addition to these valuable shoes, Zhou Yangqings living room also has a precious handmade.

It is worth noting that the Golden Bear happens to be the same type of bear of Luo Zhixiang. There are a lot of bears of this type in Luo Zhixiangs hand-made collection room.

It should also be noted that the time of Zhou Yangqings hair painting is very delicate. The day before, the media exposed Luo Zhixiangs confession to her again. She completely ignored it. As we all know, Zhou Yangqing and Luo Zhixiang broke up in April. After that, Luo Zhixiang stopped working for several months because of the image of slag man.

Previously reported

Luo Zhixiang has been silent for 7 months, making a blockbuster for the first time

According to Taiwan media reports on December 3, Luo Zhixiang shot a cover film for the first time after seven months of silence and was interviewed by a magazine. This is also the first time Luo Zhixiang has given an in-depth interview after the breakup. He also talked about his mood in this low tide.

Luo Zhixiang apologized to the injured again, but the biggest victim of this incident was Zhou Yangqing. Luo Zhixiang confessed that he was shocked to see the long article at that time. After reading it for several times, his thoughts were very confused: I think for a period of time before that, I really lost myself. It was Zhou Yangqings text that woke me up. Looking at these words, I began to look back on my previous emotional life. After scene after scene, I found that I was really wrong, and I was wrong so thoroughly.

Luo Zhixiang said that he called Zhou Yangqing at the first time after reading the text and told her a lot of sorry, but he also understood that the damage to her can not be made up for by sorry. During the interview, he also constantly expressed his apology for Zhou Yangqing.

After the incident, the company also called him, Luo Zhixiang also kept apologizing with the staff around him. In order not to bring them more burden, he suspended all work and did not want to bring trouble to the partners.

It has been more than seven months since the breakup broke out. Luo Zhixiang has been labeled with a negative label. He said that he has been silent and has not responded. From his debut to now, he has made all kinds of bad voices, and he does not like to help himself speak.

Luo Zhixiang, 40 years old, 27 years of his career, said that during this time of isolation and solitude, he constantly reviewed himself. At that time, people around him were afraid that he would do stupid things, but he was very grateful to them for their guidance and let him through this difficult period. I dont believe in the field of love. I will still show my full marks to meet the work and challenges on the stage in the future. He also revealed that he would start again with music next year.

Most netizens will comment on how far away the netizens are against it There are netizens said: I tube you come back or not, I dont see the end of the matter.

What do you think of Luo Zhixiangs comeback?

Want to come back? Luo Zhixiang lost 100 million due to break up

According to Taiwan media reports, Luo Zhixiangs career has been put to a halt after the breakup between Zhou Yangqing and Luo Zhixiang, according to Taiwan media reports on December 2. It is reported that after seven months of work stoppage, he lost four endorsements and three program hosts. It is estimated that he will earn about NT $600 million less (about 138 million yuan). The outside world is watching his next step, and when he will return is a key point. Piggy thinks that he never quit, so there is no saying that he will come back. During this period, there are still a lot of jobs coming to him, but he is temporarily shelving. Even the coming New Years show, he has also pushed off many offers. Piggy jokingly said with his lips, too much has been pushed off.

It is said that he will return to the front of the curtain on the 5th of this month. Taiwan media exclusive interview with piggy, chat with him about his recent mood; piggy shares these deep days, he is busy surfing, playing golf and running tide cards, and his life is full. Now his greatest satisfaction is to see his mothers smile, and at the same time, he personally confesses to Zhou Yangqing.

Luo Zhixiang (piggy) and Zhou Yangqing have been in contact for nine years. They thought each other was the other half of their life together. Until Zhou Yangqing sent out a letter denouncing Piggys cheating and three outlooks, listing the four sins of breaking up with Luo Zhixiang. All of a sudden, Zhu Yanglian completely disintegrated, and even more seriously damaged the image of piggy.

It is reported that at the end of April this year, piggy flew from Taipei to the mainland for isolation and was busy preparing for it. On April 23, he saw Zhou Yangqing suddenly send out a devastating separation article, which shocked him and left his mind blank. I have been reading it for several times, and I feel very sudden and confused. At the time, piggy apologized on Weibo, saying, sorry, I was wrong. He didnt go out until the end of the isolation. Seeing netizens calling him time management master, multi person movement and scum man, he was deeply distressed and worried about the reaction of his family at the first time.

Then, the brokerage company called. At the moment, piggy didnt want to respond. He said, I did something wrong. At that time, the only thing I could do was to send messages to people around me who had a working relationship with me and say sorry to them. Its hard to dig his heart out and narrate his state of repentance. Piggy apologized several times: I still have to solemnly say Im sorry to those who have been injured because of my mistake. At the same time, I also want to say sorry to the fans because I have made a very bad demonstration personally. I also want to say sorry to the fans, which makes you worried.

However, most netizens didnt buy his apology, saying, dont sell miserably. Can you get away with such a bad artist?

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