Ministry of agriculture and rural areas: expenses for red and white weddings in many places reduced to 1 / 5 or 1 / 6 level

 Ministry of agriculture and rural areas: expenses for red and white weddings in many places reduced to 1 / 5 or 1 / 6 level

Zhang Tianzuo responded that through the implementation of a series of supporting measures, many local wedding events such as blind comparison, large-scale exercises, and sky high betrothal gifts have been effectively curbed, and the operating expenses of villagers weddings and funerals have been greatly reduced, and many places have reduced to 1 / 5 or 1 / 6 level.

High price betrothal gifts become the trouble of farmers

Zhang Tianzuo said that in some rural areas, the problem of exorbitant betrothal gifts, the attachment of human feelings, and the extravagance of weddings and funerals are spreading and prevailing in some rural areas. These unhealthy tendencies have become the worries, worries and worries of the farmers, which everyone hates, but it is difficult for everyone to change, forming a strange circle.

The reporter noted that in many areas before, sky high betrothal gifts were very common. After decades of hard work, one marriage back to the poverty line has become a true portrayal of many rural families.

In order to solve this problem, we have, in accordance with the requirements of the central government, taken the governance of unhealthy practices as a key point in the process of rural governance and adapted measures to local conditions, and achieved certain results. Zhang Tianzuo said.

He said that in the first batch of cases last year, the typical practice of Feixiang District, Handan City, Hebei Province was introduced, and six measures were used to promote the special treatment of unhealthy atmosphere, and good results were achieved. Among the 34 cases released this year, the relevant practices of Hejian City in Hebei Province are also promoting the governance of unhealthy atmosphere.

The reporter noted that in the second batch of typical cases of rural governance released on the spot, the typical case of Hejian City in Hebei Province is breaking the bad habits of marriage and funeral and building a civilized rural atmosphere.

For example, Rongcheng City of Shandong Province, for example, adopts the integral system for rural governance. If it is done according to the regulations, points will be added, and if not, points will be reduced. Those with high scores will be listed in the red list and those with low scores will be added to the blacklist.

Both incentive and restraint measures

Zhang Tianzuo further elaborated that, in general, there are several measures: first, at the level of city, county and district, the Party committee and government should strengthen the organization and arrangement, carry out overall planning, and create an atmosphere of special governance.

The second is to give full play to the role of villagers self-government organizations, improve village rules and regulations, or formulate some standards for red and white wedding events, so that governance has rules to follow and reflects the wishes of the majority of the people.

Third, the local government has introduced some incentive and restrictive measures. According to these regulations, the government has corresponding incentives. For example, Rongcheng City has dozens of privileges. You can visit the local scenic spots free of charge, you can take the bus for free, and you can give priority to handling relevant certificates. In some places, you can also have free physical examination or enjoy certain fee reduction and exemption. These are all incentive measures. Of course, there are also some restrictive measures to guide and promote through positive and negative aspects. Zhang Tianzuo said.

Fourth, Party members and cadres are required to take the lead in the implementation of the relevant provisions. Party members and cadres who violate the relevant provisions can be dealt with in accordance with the relevant provisions on party and government discipline. As long as Party members and cadres take the lead in carrying out rural affairs, the peoples work will be well done.

The fifth is to launch some new measures, such as mass wedding in some places and the establishment of public welfare matchmaker team.

Through a series of supporting measures, relying on the strength of villagers autonomy and appropriate ways, this problem can be effectively solved. According to Zhang Tianzuo, from the perspective of effectiveness, blind comparison, large-scale exercise, and exorbitant betrothal gifts have been effectively curbed in these places. The most obvious thing is that the operating expenses of villagers weddings and funerals have been greatly reduced. In many places, it has been reduced to 1 / 5 or 1 / 6 level, which has won the support and support of the majority of farmers, and has also shaped the civilized rural customs. These practices have been gradually popularized in other places and have played a good exemplary role. He said.