7 even board double, demon shares suddenly big bad luck! There are also six even board stock emergency warning

 7 even board double, demon shares suddenly big bad luck! There are also six even board stock emergency warning

On December 3, about 2.5 billion yuan of funds had just been invested in the above-mentioned seven linked board stocks, and they were attacked by bad luck in the evening. Among them, Danhua technology, Longli technology and Zhengchuan Co., Ltd. had a large turnover on December 3, which were 772 million yuan, 674 million yuan and 791 million yuan respectively; rainbow shares also traded 151 million yuan.

Rainbow shares two major shareholders to sell

7 even the board of OLED concept demon shares, rainbow shares on December 3 night issued a reduction announcement, so that chasing high funds panic.

The corresponding market value of the maximum shares to be reduced by the two major shareholders is 926 million yuan.

In the last seven trading days, rainbow shares have continued to pull up the trading limit, and its share price has nearly doubled from 4.41 yuan on November 24 to the latest 8.6 yuan. And the rise accelerated, the latest two trading days is a word limit.

In the sudden encounter of speculation, the two major shareholders to reduce holdings.

Hefei core screen industry investment fund (limited partnership) (hereinafter referred to as core screen fund) holds 237388724 shares of rainbow shares with unlimited sales conditions, accounting for 6.62% of the total share capital of the company.

According to the list of top ten shareholders, core screen fund and Ruyi radio and television are the fourth and fifth largest shareholders of rainbow shares respectively.

Not only the major shareholders holding more than 5% of the shares, but also on the evening of December 2, the company also issued a notice on the reduction of shares held by supervisors. In the face of the soaring share price, it seems that everyone wants to reduce their shares.

However, the number of shares that the supervisors intend to reduce this time is only 3000 shares, which has no impact on the stock price on December 3, and continues to rise and close.

Caihong shares announcement: on December 2, 2020, we received the letter of notification on the proposed reduction of rainbow shares from Wang Xiaoyang, the supervisor of the company, and proposed to reduce part of the companys shares. As of the disclosure date of this announcement, Mr. Wang Xiaoyang holds 12000 shares of the company, accounting for 0.000334% of the total share capital of the company.

Wang Xiaoyang intends to reduce his holding of the companys shares held by him, which is no more than 3000 shares, accounting for 0.0000836% of the companys total share capital, and no more than 25% of the companys shares held by him. The reduction period is within 6 months after 15 trading days from the date of this announcement (no reduction in the window period). The price of reduction depends on the market price.

Caihong Stock Co., Ltd. is seriously self checking hot concept reports

Rainbow shares soared recently, which is considered to be related to OLED and other concepts.

Caihong shares announced that the companys share price has increased greatly recently, and it has found that there are false reports about the company involving hot concepts such as OLED, and the company is conducting a serious self-examination.

At present, the companys main business is the R & D, production and sales of LCD panel and LCD glass substrate, and there is no such business as OLED, flexible screen and graphene mobile phone as reported by the media.

Rainbow shares said that after a period of rapid price rise, the profits of the panel factory have been effectively improved. At the same time, with the fall of stock demand in peak season and the sharp rise of panel price, the impact on the demand side will gradually appear. Although the mainstream size panel price maintains the upward trend, the increase may be narrowed, and there is uncertainty in the companys future product price fluctuation.

In view of the recent fluctuation of the companys stock, please pay attention to the secondary market transaction risk.

Major shareholders reduce their holdings of Runhe materials

12.66% on December 3

It is also a game of hot money speculation

Risk warning issued by Lianban stocks in batch

Chinese capital industry: the main business has been losing money in recent years.

In the first three quarters of 2020, the net profit was 30.6681 million yuan, a decrease of 48.03% over the same period of last year; after deducting non recurring profit and loss, the net profit was 30.6518 million yuan, a decrease of 48.05% over the same period of last year. The main reason is that the investment income of Hengtai securities decreased significantly

Danhua Technology: PGA is the by-product of the company in the research and development stage, and has no significant impact on the production and operation

Danhua technology said that the companys polyglycolic acid (PGA) project is still in the pilot stage and has not yet met the requirements of large-scale industrial production.

The downstream products of PGA are also in the stage of research and development, and there are great uncertainties in the application of related fields.

The companys recent stock growth is relatively large, please make rational decisions and pay attention to investment risks.

Yangzi new material: the companys second largest shareholders capital occupation repayment plan is in implementation

Yangzi new material disclosed the stock price change announcement, said that regarding the companys second largest shareholders fund occupation matter, at present the related repayment plan is under implementation, the company will actively promote the solution of the above fund occupation problem, but the follow-up progress is still uncertain.

Jiangsu Sopu: the price of acetic acid products rises too fast in the short term, and there is a risk of falling back

Jiangsu SOPP disclosed the stock price change announcement, recently, the companys main product acetic acid market supply and demand relationship improved. As the epidemic situation in China has been basically controlled, all sectors of society have returned to work and production. In addition, the recent shutdown and maintenance of several sets of acetic acid plants in the Asia Pacific region, as well as the transfer of overseas terminal demand to China, further promoted the rise of product prices with the warming demand. In addition to the fact that the market has recovered due to the gradual control of the epidemic situation, the price of acetic acid of the companys main product has the factors of imbalance between supply and demand in the short term due to accidental events. At present, the short-term rise of product prices is too fast, there is a risk of falling back.

Longli Technology: there are no major events that should be disclosed but not disclosed

Longli technology released a risk warning announcement that the companys share price was affected by the relevant reports of mini led and panel and the share price of the display industry, and the recent rise was relatively high. After self-examination and written consultation with the controlling shareholders and actual controllers, as of the disclosure date of the announcement, there were no major events that should be disclosed but not disclosed.

Zhengchuan Co., Ltd.: China boron glass bottle accounts for a relatively low proportion in the companys product structure

Zhengchuan shares disclosed the stock price change announcement, saying that at present, the company only produces medium boron glass bottles by outsourcing medium boron glass tubes, and the proportion of medium boron glass bottles in the companys product structure is relatively low, It is expected that the relevant products will not have a significant impact on the companys production and operation results; a medium boron glass tube furnace of the company has been ignited at the end of October 2020, and is currently in the trial production stage, and the furnace has not been officially put into mass production. At the same time, the consistency evaluation carried out by the state, the stability test of drug packaging materials and so on need to be verified for a long time. It is uncertain whether the self-made borosilicate glass tube can be used for vaccine in the future.