10 people involved in the case of $24.12 million

 10 people involved in the case of $24.12 million

From 2011 to 2019, the organization organized 24 cases of fraud, 15 cases of provocation, 2 cases of extortion, 4 cases of illegal invasion of houses, 1 case of false litigation, 1 case of illegal behavior, and 1 case of bribery. The crime amount of routine loan was 2419612 yuan, the profit was 408996271 yuan, 16 houses and 3 vehicles were forcibly occupied, occupied and rented. Some of the defendants also committed a number of individual criminal acts.

The organization has carried out long-term illegal and criminal activities in and around Baise Youjiang District, resulting in the infringement of the legitimate interests of many people, and dare not report and Sue through proper channels, which has a serious impact on the local private lending industry and seriously damaged the local economic and social life order.

The court blackmail and impose exactions on the 10 persons of the defendants law, which constituted the crime of organizing, leading, participating in the gang crime, fraud, provocation, extortion, illegal invasion of residence, false litigation, bribery and illegal possession of ammunition. The above judgment was made according to the facts, nature, circumstances and harm to the society.

(CCTV reporter Liao MI, Liu Chang, Zhou Ting, Wei Tianyan, CCTV) source: CCTV news client editor: Yang Bin_ NF4368

(CCTV reporter Liao MI, Liu Chang, Zhou Ting, Wei Tianyan)