Zhengzhou is free of purchase restrictions? It turns out to be nothing! The property market is still quiet

 Zhengzhou is free of purchase restrictions? It turns out to be nothing! The property market is still quiet

Zhengzhou Housing Management Bureau reminds, should be subject to official information, do not believe network news, lest suffer property loss.

Feng ziyong / Zhengzhou

At the end of November, it was announced on the Internet that Zhengzhou was about to release a new deal on the property market. The main content was to relax the restrictions on purchase. Specifically, Zhengzhous household registration can buy a third set, but the area must be more than 145 square meters; foreign accounts can be relaxed to buy two sets; and they can be listed for trading after one year.

Previously, rumors of Zhengzhous opening up the property market to purchase restrictions have emerged from time to time, but they all ended up in the end. But this time, the rumors are more regular and eye-catching than before, listing various loose measures in detail. Many real estate practitioners also take this as a propaganda point for selling real estate, saying that Zhengzhous real estate market is about to usher in a new round of soaring, causing market concern and anxiety.

Recently, the Zhengzhou housing security and real estate administration bureau and other relevant departments clarified to the media that the relaxation of purchase restrictions and other news were not true, and Zhengzhou property market received more attention. In particular, more than 145 square meters of units to open restrictions on purchase, is why there are rumors?


On November 30, Shengao jinzunfu, located in Guancheng District of Zhengzhou, is a new market focusing on improving home ownership. The area of products on sale is more than 120 square meters. But its 177 square meters, 202 square meters four room units are in line with the network transmission of 145 square meters or more.

The project real estate consultant said, at present, no notice has been received that Zhengzhou registered permanent residence can buy a third set, and those with an area of more than 145 square meters are not allowed. If there are two suites under the name, you cant buy an online visa again. For the foreign Hukou still continue to buy a suite of policy, now is still very strict, there is no way to avoid the restrictions.

Zhengzhou, China real estate network, saw 4 groups of visiting customers at the scene, there are 5 houses on sale for our project, which is currently in the flat sale period. The real estate consultant said that she had only received one consultation on relaxing the restrictions since the abolition of the restrictions, but the number of visits from the sales department was almost the same as in the past.

The same is true of Yaxin Haitang mansion, which is located in Binhe international new town of economic development zone. The projects are all over 140 square meters, and the area is mainly concentrated in 140 square meters to 200 square meters.

Last week, there was a rumor that the restrictions on purchase would be lifted, which immediately caused a stir in the circle of friends in the real estate industry. A client asked if he could buy a third set of flats. The next day, the government refuted the rumor. Lin Lin, a real estate consultant, said, the rumor didnt cause much trouble. At least we didnt see a sharp increase in visits.

The Hanhai and country garden elephant houses in Zhengdong New District also made it clear that they did not get the news that Zhengzhou Hukou with a size of more than 145 square meters could buy a third set and a second one could be bought from other places.


Second hand house: no waves and no waves

33 cities second-hand housing liquidity index ranking.

The other content of this rumor can be listed for trading after one year, it is not difficult to see that it is the wind put by the rumor in order to stimulate the depolarization of existing housing. What is the change of Zhengzhou second-hand housing market?

At the beginning of October this year, the open data of shell looking for houses showed that the overall number of second-hand houses in Zhengzhou was about 104000. As of the time of publication, the number was 96214. In the previous ranking of the second-hand housing liquidity index of 33 cities released by Shell Research Institute, Zhengzhou index was 77.92, ranking fourth from the bottom among 33 cities.

Both volume and price fall, has become the theme of Zhengzhou second-hand housing market in the first 11 months of this year.

China real estate network Zhengzhou visited a number of second-hand housing stores and found that the full year can be listed for trading, put into the Zhengzhou second-hand housing market this big trading pool, did not cause waves.

Two days ago, the owner came to ask about the listing. He bought the second-hand house in March last year. Now he wants to sell it. He wants to know if he can sell it. A Hua, a staff member of a chain store, told China real estate network Zhengzhou, a few days ago, my colleagues also went to the Housing Management Bureau specially. The window staff said that the policy had not changed, or it would take three years to go public for trading.

A Hua also saw the news of relaxing the restrictions on shopping in his circle of friends. According to his recollection, only one owner consulted about this issue this week, and everything else remained as usual. The number of natural visits to the store is still small, and it is considered a hot source that two groups of customers can show a suite a day.

Subsequently, China real estate network Zhengzhou came to a second-hand house store located on Dongming Road in Jinshui District. The head of the store said that he saw the news of the cancellation of the purchase restriction or refuted the rumor through the circle of friends, there is no one around to say this, and we are not paying much attention to the second-hand house now..


In October 2016, Zhengzhou began to implement various purchase restriction policies, and then continued to increase the quota. The scope of purchase restriction includes five districts in Zhengzhou City, Hangkong port area, Zhengdong New Area, economic development zone, high tech Zone, Xinzheng City, Xingyang city and Zhongmou county.

Regulation has been more than 4 years, housing prices began to gradually return to reason, the bubble has been gradually squeezed out, the property market is basically stable. During the period, Zhengzhou property market continued to lift the restrictions on purchase news spread, and later confirmed as rumors, this is no exception.

In this regard, China real estate network Zhengzhou interviewed the relevant staff of Zhengzhou housing security and real estate administration bureau, and received a response that: the area of more than 145 square meters, Zhengzhou household registration can buy the third set, foreign accounts can buy the second set is not true, can be listed for trading after one year is not true, at present, no relevant notice has been received, subject to the official information.

The number of houses purchased in the restricted areas is specifically limited to 2 sets for registered permanent residence in Zhengzhou City, 1 set for single person and 1 set for non Zhengzhou household registration; the number of house purchasing units is not limited in areas without restrictions.

In addition, sales of housing (including new commercial housing and existing housing) to enterprises registered for less than three years (excluding enterprises specializing in housing rental business) are suspended in the restricted purchase area.

On the other hand, in the administrative region of Zhengzhou City, houses purchased after May 3, 2017 (inclusive) shall not be listed and transferred if they are less than 3 years from the date of obtaining the real estate ownership certificate.

According to the relevant staff of Zhengzhou Housing Management Bureau, in the administrative area of Zhengzhou City, after May 3, 2017 (inclusive), the house is transferred by way of donation. Since the date of signing the gift contract and handling the transfer confirmation procedures, the donor can purchase the house again after 3 years.

To buy a house in Zhengzhou, it is necessary to meet one of the following requirements: 1. in Zhengzhou, 24 months in succession; 2. in Zhengzhou, 24 months in succession; 3. in full-time full-time bachelor degree or above in Zhengzhou, 4. in Zhengzhou, the title of senior vice or senior professional title, 5. with Zhengzhou household registration.

It is worth noting that the social security must be paid for 24 consecutive months within 3 years before the purchase of the house, and the supplementary social security is not recognized.

In recent years, Zhengzhou real estate market is the most eye-catching favorable policy, is still the previous deed tax subsidies. Since June, Erqi District, Jinshui District, Zhongyuan District, Guancheng District, Zhengdong New District and other main urban areas of Zhengzhou have successively printed and distributed notices on the subsidy measures for commercial housing contract tax within their jurisdiction, with the tax subsidy up to 20%, but they are basically over now.

In an environment of stable housing prices, most of the speculators leave the market, and the market demand is stable. In the next two or three years, it is very difficult for Zhengzhous house prices to soar again. Zhengzhou Housing Administration Bureau reminds that the official information should prevail, and do not trust network news to avoid property losses.

Source: Chen Hequn, editor in charge of China real estate news_ NB12679