Comments: Gem index up 1.10percent, agricultural plate stronger

 Comments: Gem index up 1.10percent, agricultural plate stronger

On the panel, the United Kingdom approved the use of Pfizer biontech new crown vaccine, medical devices, biological vaccines and other sectors went up, Bohui innovation rose by 16%, Zhengchuan shares and Tibet pharmaceutical industry closed; the United States announced the legalization of marijuana, the concept of A-share industrial marijuana went up, Tonghua Jinma and Longjin pharmaceutical increased, Shunhao stock touched the board; oil and gas mining, gas and other sectors strengthened in the early trading, Petrochemical oil services, Changchun gas trading; the cyclical plate weakened, nonferrous metals, coal plate fell first, Shenhuo shares, Yunnan Aluminum shares fell 8%.

Everbright Securities issued an article saying that under the leadership of Bancassurance bonds, the Shanghai stock index reached a new high since February 2018, but then fell back in shock, indicating that there is greater resistance near the new high. In particular, the large financial sector began to shock differentiation, in this context, the index short-term difficult to rise quickly. From the perspective of market environment, it is less likely that financial stocks will continue to soar, but some oversold varieties may have rebound opportunities. For example, in recent trading days, some online game stocks, consumer electronics and military industry stocks have capital intervention in the intraday, so we can continue to observe the future market. It is expected that the market will still be dominated by structural opportunities.

Galaxy Securities said that the peak season is coming. Although the epidemic situation may have a certain adverse impact on the overall consumption demand this year, the brand and quality advantages of high-end liquor and the effective positioning of popular liquor on the price band are conducive to the sustained recovery and growth of consumer demand for brand liquor. Optimistic about the value of liquor on the first line of Baijiu track and improving the obvious growth stocks.

According to CITIC Securities Research Report, in this adjustment, sci tech Innovation Board securities are included in the sample space of Shanghai Stock Exchange 180, Shanghai Shenzhen 300 and other important market benchmark indexes, and 1, 4 and 5 Science and technology innovation board stocks of Shanghai Stock Exchange 180, Shanghai Shenzhen 300 and China Securities 500 are respectively included in the index components. Since this year, the product management scale of passive broad-based funds has been relatively stable, and the market liquidity has also rebounded in November. It is expected that the overall impact coefficient of this adjustment is relatively low.

Zhongyuan securities research paper points out that it is still optimistic about the possibility of A-share going out of the cross-year market, and suggests investors pay close attention to the changes in policy, capital and external market. It is expected that the short-term small rise of the Shanghai index is likely to be larger, and the short-term and small-term fluctuation of the GEM market may be greater. It is suggested that investors should pay close attention to the investment opportunities of securities companies, electronic technology, coal, aerospace and military industries in the short term. Midline suggests that investors should continue to pay attention to the investment opportunities of some underpriced blue chips.

CITIC Securities said that Xiaomi group announced to raise about $4 billion through rights issue and convertible bonds. This fund-raising will help the company to increase investment in supply chain guarantee, intelligent manufacturing, channel optimization, product upgrading and other aspects in the mobile phone industry in the opportunity period of changes in competition pattern, so as to further enhance the medium and long-term competitiveness. Continue to be optimistic about the trend of the companys smartphone market share and the long-term prospects of aiot business, and maintain the buy rating.