What is the second phase of big fund busy? Put money, put money, put money again

 What is the second phase of big fund busy? Put money, put money, put money again

According to reports, on November 27, Lou Yuguang, chairman of the state integrated circuit industry investment fund phase II Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the big fund phase II), investigated Shenzhen Science and technology, a listed company of a shares, and the two sides exchanged views on accelerating the construction of Peyton semiconductor sealing and testing project and deepening cooperation.

Shenzhen Science and Technology Co., Ltd. disclosed on October 17 that the companys wholly-owned subsidiary, peidun technology, the second phase of big fund, Hefei Economic Development Investment and innovation, and its related party, CLP chip, jointly funded the establishment of Payton storage as the implementation subject of storage advanced sealing test and module manufacturing project. Among them, the second phase of big fund invested 950 million yuan, holding 31.05% shares.

The second phase of big fund is intended to store. Payton technology is the only enterprise in China that has a complete industrial chain from high-end DRAM / flash wafer packaging and testing to module and finished product production.

After the layout of the storage package, the second phase of the big fund invested in the domestic DRAM Changxin storage.

On November 12, Zhaoyi innovation announced that the company participated in the capital increase of Ruili integration with several investors, including Changxin integration, Shixi Jidian, large fund phase II, triple and one innovation. Among them, the company and the large fund phase II plan to invest 300 million yuan and 4.76 billion yuan respectively, holding 0.85% and 14.08% shares respectively.

The project is an innovation project of the company. Changxin storage is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ruili integration, and is the only manufacturer of domestic DRAM memory in China. The executive partner of Shixi Jidian, its largest shareholder, is Shixi Changxin. The actual controller of Shixi Changxin is Zhu Yiming, the actual controller of Zhaoyi innovation.

Taking stock of the investment of big funds in 2020, investing in start-up companies is another important play of big funds. Many start-up companies such as Shanghai Ruili, tailing micro, smart chip micro, and Stilwell have been invested.

According to incomplete statistics of the reporter, up to now, the large fund has invested in 10 projects in 2020, of which the second phase of the large fund registered on October 22, 2019 has invested 6 projects.

According to Tianyan survey, Beijing smart chip Microelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as smart chip) changed its shareholder information on November 11, with a capital contribution of 461 million yuan and a shareholding of 7.19%.

Smart chip micro was founded in January 2013, initiated and established by State Grid Information and Communication Industry Group Co., Ltd. (100% holding of State Grid Corporation of China). It is the mission bearer of chip industry development of State Grid Corporation of China.

STW (Shanghai) Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as STW) is a CMOS image sensor chip supplier. Its main product is high-performance CMOS security monitoring image sensor chip, which can be used in security monitoring, machine vision, car image, mobile phone and other fields.

According to tianyancha, the change record of Stilwell on October 21 showed that the companys new shareholders such as big fund II, Anxin fund, Xiaomi Changjiang industrial fund, wentianxia, etc. According to the information of shareholders, the capital contribution of the second phase of the big fund is 6.6882 million yuan, with 8.21% shares.

Editor: Zhu Jianhua source: Shanghai Securities News Editor in charge: Zhong Qiming_ NF5619