Real estate earns 5 million in one night? Investors are locked up and auctioned for 8 months with a loss of 1 million yuan

 Real estate earns 5 million in one night? Investors are locked up and auctioned for 8 months with a loss of 1 million yuan

Now, with the final decision of the court auction, Wei Jing only gets 680000 yuan of floating loss, 8 months of high interest and various handling charges, and the final loss may exceed one million yuan. Under the background of the policy of housing without speculation, Wei Jings above-mentioned experience is alarming.

On December 2, the Ali auction platform showed that a 49.36 square meter house in Qianhai, Shenzhen, completed the judicial auction with a reserve price of 6.6 million yuan, and only one buyer raised his or her card.

According to Alis auction information, Wei Jings house, which is located in room 17xx, building 1, Qianhai Times Square, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, is used for residence. The registered price is 7.28 million yuan, the construction area is 49.36 square meters, and the service life is 70 years, from June 6, 2008 to June 5, 2078. There is a lease, the lease term is from April 17, 2020 to November 16, 2020, with a monthly rent of 5800 yuan, which was sealed up by the peoples Court of Luohu District, Shenzhen City, without mortgage.

The unit price is 133700 yuan / square meter, which is a standard of luxury house in China.

On December 3, a reporter from China Securities News tried to contact Wei Jing himself. Wei Jing himself replied, my affairs are not over yet. Its not convenient to accept an interview.

The reporter of China Securities News learned that just a few days before the real estate under Wei Jings name was auctioned by the judiciary, he himself also posted an article on his microblog to promote the suite, saying that the profit reached more than 2 million yuan after the auction.

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Using high leverage to buy a house

In May this year, Wei Jing used the microblog account sister 7 crab to review her experience of falling into the dilemma of real estate speculation. In her long micro blog post, she described in detail how she fell into the trap of high leverage real estate speculation under the guidance of so-called professionals.

She is a 48 year old owner of hairy crabs in Yangcheng Lake, Suzhou. Her name is Wei Jing. She said that she got to know the microblog big V shenfangli through the Internet, which is the real name of big V called Li Xuefeng. At that time, Li Xuefeng said that he could teach extreme leverage and provide a series of Shenzhen house purchasing services, such as allowing outsiders to bypass the purchase restrictions.

On September 15, 2019, Wei Jing spent 12780 yuan as a membership fee to join the cradle program of Shenzhen Fangli. In the live group, Li Xuefeng taught these members how to speculate in real estate. He said that Shenzhens housing prices will skyrocket, and he also took out a half hidden inquiry sheet, saying that he did not count as a partnership in the hands of 8 sets of real estate.

On February 27, Shenzhen housing management once again advocated that Shenzhens housing prices would rise soon, so that everyone could use all the money they can get as down payment, and do not miss the opportunity to become rich.

Wei Jing said in a long article that the cradle project claims to be able to realize the one-stop service of buying a house, which can help members obtain 30% of their own funds and 70% of the banks operating mortgage loans to buy their houses. The deep house man helped Wei Jing pay social security in Shenzhen, so that she spent fifty thousand yuan and the member of the household with Shenzhen to get married through fake marriage and get the room ticket.

In April this year, Wei Jing bought a 49 square meter flat with one room and one living room in Qianhai era, with a total price of 7.28 million yuan. In order to purchase this expensive property, Wei Jing used a very high lever, among which the micro loan company advanced 4.36 million yuan.

The reporter of China Securities News learned that after Wei Jings real estate was checked and sealed, Wei Jing and shenfangli once fought a war of public opinion on their microblogs, and therefore went to court.

In response to Wei Jings long article, shenfangli has said that the parties maliciously fabricated facts, maliciously slandered and suspected of criminal crimes, and at the same time published a lawyers letter.

Shenzhen continues to increase market regulation

Last month, Shenzhen property market hit new fever once attracted market attention. Zhang xuefan, director of Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of housing and urban rural development, said on the evening of November 30 that Shenzhen firmly implements the central real estate regulation and control policy and strictly implements the new Shenzhen eight articles issued on July 15. In view of the current situation of inverted prices of first-hand and second-hand houses and the medias reflection of holding and speculation on behalf of others, relevant departments are studying comprehensive control policies to resolutely crack down on speculation and speculation in the market.

Recently, Guo Shuqing, chairman of the peoples Bank of China and chairman of the Chinese Banking Regulatory Commission, wrote that the real estate bubble should be firmly suppressed. Real estate is deeply related to the financial industry. At present, Chinas real estate related loans account for 39% of the bank loans, and a large number of bonds, equity, trust and other funds enter the real estate industry. It can be said that real estate is the biggest grey rhinoceros in Chinas financial risk at this stage.

In the third quarter of 2020, the peoples Bank of China stressed in its report on the implementation of Chinas monetary policy in the third quarter of 2020, firmly adhere to the position that houses are used for living, not for speculation, insist on not using real estate as a means of short-term economic stimulation, adhere to the principle of stabilizing land prices, house prices and expectations, maintain the continuity, consistency and stability of real estate financial policies, and implement the prudent management system of real estate finance Degree.

Editor: Zheng Yasuo