New demon shares crazy pull 9 trading limit, was 40 thousand hands sold single sealed limit

 New demon shares crazy pull 9 trading limit, was 40 thousand hands sold single sealed limit

Changan Auto fell 7.68% on December 3.

According to the dragon and tiger list data of that day, Shenzhen Stock connects exclusive seats bought 127 million yuan on the same day, ranked the first place to buy, and sold 439 million yuan, ranking the first place to be sold, with a total net sales of 311 million yuan. The rest of the seats are sales department seats. The second securities business department of Tuanjie road in Lhasa and the first securities business department of Tuanjie road in Lhasa bought 81.7682 million yuan and 79.143 million yuan respectively, ranking the third and fourth seats in buying, and sold 60.6375 million yuan and 42.2206 million yuan respectively.

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Zhongzheng Jun noticed that the two business departments also appeared in the dragon and tiger list of Xiaokang shares on December 3.

The recent sharp rise in the stock price stems from the fact that Changan Automobile is building a brand new high-end intelligent car brand.

On November 14, Zhu Huarong, chairman of Changan Automobile, revealed at the Changan Automobile Brand day that the company is working with Huawei and Ningde times to create a new high-end intelligent car brand.

Although Changan automobile has not announced the brand name and specific landing time of the high-end intelligent car, according to the current plan, under the new brand and the existing uni product series of Changan, Changan Automobile will launch 105 models in the next five years, including 23 new energy products.

Supported by the concept of new energy vehicles, the cumulative gains of Changan A shares and B shares from November 16 to December 1 reached 62.80% and 84.41% respectively.

Well off shares staged a double whammy of stock and debt

From November 13 to December 3, 15 trading days, Xiaokang shares gained 9 trading limits and 8 times ranked on the dragon and tiger list, with a cumulative increase of 148.27%.

On December 3, Xiaokang shares rose slightly at the beginning of the trading and then fell rapidly. Finally, it was pressed to death by more than 40000 hands on the limit board. Convertible bonds also fell more than 20%.

On November 16, the company released a summary of the three quarter performance presentation meeting. In the minutes, the company said that the first new energy sedan suvsf5 (extended program) of its Cyrus brand has been put on the market in mass production and is gradually delivered. In the next two years, more than two heavy-duty models will be on the market. According to the company, there is likely to be more room for the future valuation of kingconseries than for other new energy vehicle companies.

Xiaokang shares issued several announcements suggesting the risk of stock price rise. On December 2, the company announced that the current valuation has been far higher than the overall level of the industry, and the company is conducting a serious self-examination. At present, there is no significant change in the companys production and operation, and the stock price has seriously deviated from the basic level, and the companys stock price lacks performance support. At the same time, the companys sales of new energy vehicles are less, the market prospect is unclear, and the performance of this sector is uncertain.

In the process of well-off stock price rising, many hot money repeatedly participate in it.

The Shanghai Branch of Guotai Junan Securities Co., Ltd. bought 41.798 million yuan and 74.688 million yuan on December 1 and December 2, respectively, ranking the second and first seats purchased on the same day. On December 3, it sold 63.1424 million yuan.

On December 3, Dongguan Securities Co., Ltd. Beijing Branch, which was ranked as the third seller with 46.527 million yuan, bought 26.2902 million yuan on December 1, ranking the fifth; selling 18.4553 million yuan, ranking the fifth.

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Editor: Xu Xiaohong