Big news from Chinas new crown vaccine! Prepare for mass production

 Big news from Chinas new crown vaccine! Prepare for mass production

According to Xinhua news agency, vice premier sun Chunlan and State Councilor Wang Yong investigated the research and development and production preparation of the new coronavirus vaccine in Beijing on February 2. They also visited the China Academy of food and drug control, Beijing Kexing company and Sinopharm Beijing company, in-depth understanding of the scientific research and tackling of new coronavirus vaccine, construction of production workshops, preparation for batch issuance, etc., and fully affirmed the achievements of vaccine work The results.

Sun Chunlan pointed out that at present, 14 vaccines from 5 technical routes have entered clinical trials, among which 5 vaccines are conducting phase III clinical trials according to the procedures and standards, and the work of emergency use and production preparation has been promoted orderly.

Sun Chunlan pointed out that in the next step, we should continue to scientifically and rigorously promote the phase III clinical trials of vaccines, and do a good job in the review and approval work in strict accordance with laws and regulations and internationally recognized technical standards, so as to ensure that the vaccine is safe and effective and can withstand all aspects of testing. We should be ready for mass production.

It is necessary to study and formulate the vaccination distribution plan after the marketing of vaccines, clarify the population scope, vaccination sequence and time considerations, and organize personnel training in disease control institutions and grass-roots vaccination units in advance. According to the needs of winter epidemic prevention and control, this year, we will complete the emergency use of high-risk groups such as relevant employees and front-line supervisors at the port. Vaccines are closely related to peoples life safety. All relevant departments should strictly enforce the management system of vaccine research and development, production, circulation and use, strengthen the construction of approval, issuance and supervision capacity, help research and development units and production enterprises solve practical problems, carry out publicity and education on vaccine knowledge, so as to enable people to have a scientific and rational understanding of vaccines and actively do a good job in vaccination and personal protection.

Turkish medical expert: Chinese vaccine can provide enough protection

Interview with CNN Turkey

In an interview with Turkish NTV TV station, member of Turkeys Scientific Committee against new crown disease, tavifek ozlu, said that at present, there is no obvious rejection and discomfort among people vaccinated in China. So far, more than 1700 medical staff have been vaccinated in China, and no adverse reactions have occurred.

According to Beijing Satellite TV, Turkey has begun to count asymptomatic infections and will buy 50 million doses of Chinas Kexing vaccine.

Dont underestimate the challenges, which require collaboration between different supply chains

However, the success of vaccine research and development is only the first step in the long march. There are still many challenges for a single dose of vaccine, from the laboratory to the final human vaccination. Even if the problems of R & D and mass production are solved, the problems of upstream and downstream industrial chain, which are closely related to it, can not be ignored.

CCTV finance and economics pointed out that we should not underestimate the challenges. This requires the coordinated operation of different supply chains, not only vaccines, but also glass bottles, rubber plugs and paper labels. If there is a problem in any of these links, the final vaccine products will be delayed.

In addition, according to Chuancai securities, international analysts pointed out that the current epidemic situation is still very serious, the new death toll in Europe is on the rise, and the sharp rise in the hospitalization rate of covid-19 in Europe has led to the re implementation of blockade in many European countries. In addition, the United States has reported record hospitalization rates, the rapid growth of cases and the rise in the number of deaths has broken through the previous top. Although it is still some time before the large-scale production and application of the vaccine, the positive development of the new crown vaccine has enhanced the expectation of the future economy. Even if the re emergence of the virus and re strict restrictions seem to disrupt economic activities in the short term, the economic recovery will accelerate again in 2021, and the cumulative activity loss caused by the virus impact will ultimately be the global financial crisis (GFC) uff09A little bit after that. Source: daily economic news from international online, Xinhua news agency, Beijing Satellite TV, CCTV finance and economics, national medicine group, etc. source: Daily Economic News Editor: Wang Xiaowu_ NF

Source: daily economic news is integrated from international online, Xinhua news agency, Beijing Satellite TV, CCTV finance and economics, sinopharma group, etc