Zosasakis husband apologized for his cheating at a press conference: trying to regain trust

 Zosasakis husband apologized for his cheating at a press conference: trying to regain trust

Watubujian admitted cheating and apologized at a press conference

According to Japanese media reports, Sasakis husband, tobujian, held a press conference on December 3, making his debut in public for the first time in half a year. He acknowledged the fact that he was cheating reported by weekly magazine and apologized to the public, according to Japanese media reports.

Watanabe admitted that it had contacted the cheating object and asked him to falsely claim that the relationship between the two was before their marriage. On whether or not to divorce Sasaki, Watanabe said is still trying to regain the trust of his wife.. A reporter on the spot asked whether the press conference was to prepare for a new variety show. However, he did not respond positively, saying that it is not appropriate to make a direct comeback. We must hold a press conference first..

In June this year, Japanese goddess Sasakis comedian husband tobujian was exposed to a scandal of long-term infidelity, but she was willing to forgive her for the sake of her family and children. However, when it comes to stealing food, she confessed that she loved to play since she was single and found a safe way to play after marriage.

According to an exclusive interview with Japanese media weekly Wen Chun, he personally restored the situation of eating illegally. Watanabe said that he loved to play when he was single. He originally had an improper relationship with many women. After knowing his wife Sasaki, he once wanted to be restrained, but he found a safe way to play, so that he would not be found guilty by the other half, so that he would fall into the peach trap. However, Watanabe stressed that although he had acted unfaithfully, he did not feel any sense of those women. He confessed to Sasaki affectionately, I love my wife deeply. Seeing his wifes anger and surprise, he knew that he had let her down. The local netizens were totally unacceptable after reading the words of dubujian and scolded what is a safe way to play? Its very irritating to hear that, Sasaki is willing to forgive such a scum man, to say so well, is to show off that he cheated his wife around..

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Li Si_ NBJ11322