Ali auctions evil house tries to live anchor: ask to believe science 1 yuan per minute

 Ali auctions evil house tries to live anchor: ask to believe science 1 yuan per minute

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Shanghai couple bought the evil house 13 years ago and asked to cancel the contract. The court mediated this

In life, most people will give up when they hear about the evil house. However, Zhus husband and wife in Shanghai have been caught in the trap when they buy a house. They actually use the market price to buy a vicious house or three handed!

Recently, Shanghai Jinshan Court concluded the case of the housing sales contract dispute. How can we distinguish whether it is a vicious house? How was the case finally dealt with?

Market price bought a vicious house, or third hand

At the end of November 2019, Zhu and his wife bought a house from Wang with a market price of 1.31 million yuan through an intermediary. After paying off the house money, both parties successfully handled the transfer registration.

At the beginning of March 2020, when Zhu and his wife decorated their house and were ready to move to a new house, their neighbors deeply admired their behavior of buying a house. Just bought a very ordinary house and didnt buy a luxury house. What good admiration is there? After chatting with their neighbors, they learned that there had been a murder in the house. Neighbors said that the house had always been a rental, and the former owner had been scared to come! The husband and wife were shocked. After many inquiries, they finally confirmed the neighbors statement.

It turns out that 13 years ago, the first female owner was killed in the house, and then the male owner sold the house to Wang at a market price of 820000 yuan. Wang Mou is also in pay 800 thousand house money, just from the side to know that the house is evil house, the rest of the 20000 will naturally not end. Afterwards, Wang always rented the house to the public until Zhu and his wife bought the house.

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Appeal to the court to cancel the sales contract

After learning the truth, Zhu and Wang failed to return their house after negotiation. They resolutely filed a lawsuit with Shanghai Jinshan court, demanding to cancel the house sales contract and return the purchase price.

Zhu and his wife believed that the abnormal death in the house involved would seriously affect the value of the house and cause 30% value devaluation. They bought the houses at market prices. If you do not terminate the housing sales contract, Wang should return 30% of the purchase price.

It has been 13 years since the death of the king, and it will not affect the normal use of the house. And I only met with the couple at the time of signing the contract. The house sale was carried out through an intermediary, and the intermediary should have informed the couple about the house.

In addition, in order to avoid disputes, the original purchase agreement added a Party B understands the information of the house, which has no objection. Wang therefore disagreed with Zhus claim.

The intermediary argued that the house sold at that time was on the fourth floor. Previously, he thought that the murder occurred on the second floor. When asked about Wang, Wang also acquiesced, so he did not know that the house was a murderous house.

Finally, after repeated communication and mediation between the court and the parties and the intermediary, Wang agreed to return the house payment of 300000 yuan to Zhu and his wife, while the intermediary returned the intermediary fee.

Judges statement

Houses with abnormal deaths such as suicide and homicide are often referred to as vicious houses. This kind of housing does not affect the physical use of buyers, but it often affects the psychological feelings of buyers (taboo, fear, etc.) and reduces the market transaction value of houses.

Source: Chen Hequn, editor in charge of daily economic news_ NB12679