Entertainment industry slag man to a new height, Luo Zhixiang listen to have to call a good guy

 Entertainment industry slag man to a new height, Luo Zhixiang listen to have to call a good guy

The quality and quantity of womens hammer can be called conscience. Netizens eat melons clearly.

The protagonist of the event is Huang Junjie, a young actor born in 1998.

The name may be a little strange.

He took part in actor please be in place last year, which was praised by Guo Jingming.

In Zhu Yilong starring in the TV drama restart the extreme sea to listen to thunder, as Zhang Qiling, popular.

The incident originated from the fact that yesterday, a paparazzi photographed Huang Junjie and a woman hand in hand shopping and eating.

After a few days, they walked out of a hotel together.

In the camera, the woman also put her head on his shoulder, looking very intimate.

However, the real drama is just beginning.

After the paparazzis video was sent out, a girl with microblog ID @ Huaer super cute sent n microblogs to denounce Huang Junjie for cheating.

She said she was Huang Junjies real girlfriend, and the video shows Huang Junjie and other girls.

It was only after watching the video that she knew that she was green and listed Huang Junjies three crimes:

1. Clap for love, not protective measures, but ask girls to take medicine.

@ flower super super, Huang Junjie, through her voice and private League plus WeChat, the two tiktok played together and came together.

When we are together, Huang Junjie is very sticky.

Its the first time for Huaer to call herself solo and Huang Junjie for the first time.

Huang Junjie didnt believe it at the beginning. He looked for blood everywhere. (fill in the physical health class...)

@Huaer super obedient said that Huang Junjie only cared about his own feelings, did not wear a suit, and later to buy his own medicine.

When the girl asked him what the name of the medicine was, Huang Junjies attitude was perfunctory.

After the girl took the medicine, she was bleeding every day. Huang Junjie was also very experienced in comforting her: bleeding means no pregnancy or ectopic pregnancy.

2. Go to the rich woman and the gold master, and sell miserably to win forgiveness

During his association with Huang Junjie, @ Huaer Chaogui found out that he had been cheating.

However, Huang Junjie suggested that he was forced by life to cheat on the grounds that his father didnt love his mother, he had no friends, and his family needed me to make money.

He said he changed one woman after another, just to beg for food in society. And said to @ Huaer super obediently, you still dont understand.

Huang Junjie is not ashamed but proud of flattering rich women.

@Huaer super obediently advised him to stop at the precipice. If it is revealed in the future, fans will take off their powder, and the big red depends on his life. I hope he can believe in his own ability and work hard on his own.

Huang Junjie said that the rich woman who had cheated was rich and powerful, and simply said, its no use relying on myself. Im tired..

The girl cried about the beauty of her first love and was buried by him.

Huang Junjie threatened with death, if you want to let me die, I can die, and I will pay you back!

3. Hate fans, say filming is all for money

In the chat with @ Huaer super cute, Huang Junjie also mentioned that he hated fans following the machine.

Ive been photographed, and Ive been forced to rely.

The girl asked him, since he hated it, why did he still have business? Instead of just saying it.

Huang Junjies answer is very honest: the superficial skill must pass, (in order to) make money.

Some fans once found that Huang Junjies act of fawning on the rich woman told @ Huaer super cute. Huang Junjie claimed to beat the fan.

If you let her try, I dare not do it.

He not only fell in love, but also fell in love, had a soft meal, had a set of face-to-face with fans and a set behind his back. Huang Junjies handsome and sunny image collapsed in an all-round way.

Many people cant accept the reliable and single-minded Zhang Qiling in the play. The reality is like this.

Huang Junjie, on the other hand, after a day of precipitation, finally sent a micro blog response at 2 am.

Of course, the attitude is 100% negative: @ Huaer Chaohaos wechat screenshots are all fake. They only met a few times in the elevator, aisle and lobby before they had chatting in the recording.

He also said that the technology is too developed now, and the implication is that he has been cheated.

The fans of Washi scolded the girls for being too smart and premeditated.

@Huaer went straight to Huang Junjies Micro blog comment area and publicly called out:

I have 20 or 30 minutes of the full version of chatting. Would you like to hear it?

Continue to put out the audio with TV sound in the background to prove that they are not just chatting in the hotel lobby.

Next, a hammer is bigger than a hammer.

After the two clapped for love for the second time, the girl bled again.

The conversation between the two is very clear

Wow, why are you bleeding again?

Ah? Really?

Why, it wont flow the second time

It will flow. Its bleeding a lot. Dont move. Ill get you paper..

And Huang Junjies recording

At the same time, she began to knock down Huang Junjies public relations team.

Let out her conversation with Huang Junjies cousin (who is also Huang Junjies staff).

In the dialogue, Huang Junjies cousin asked her to cooperate with Huang Junjies public relations team and refused to have a direct dialogue with the girls. I cant leave you any more handles..

My cousin also convinces girls that if they still love Huang Junjie, they should fulfill him. He reveals that Huang Junjie and the rich woman photographed are going to get married, but if @ Huaer is super cute and wants to have contact with Huang Junjie in the future, his cousin can make a bridge.

Is this encouraging @ Huaer to be a junior?

He even brainwashed her: you are being used as a gun to your family. Someone is going to attack Huang Junjie. Now lying is helping Huang Junjie.

However, @ Huaer super cute is obviously not moved, claiming that if Huang Junjie thinks he is lying, he will call the police and go through the judicial procedure.

The response of Huang Junjies team is obviously not enough to persuade the gourd eaters.

With several recordings in hand and a tough attitude, the sisters reply to Huang Junjies witty words is even more impressive. The small idols in the entertainment industry must not provoke star chasers.

Im a fan of success and a fan of failure.

Huang Junjies house collapse incident has become a unilateral heavy hammer attack. Whats more funny is that it brings a series of chain reactions.

First, some netizens thought that the voice of cousin was like Yu Zheng, but as a result, Yu Zheng himself refuted the rumor

Is my Mandarin so poor? How pitiful are the girls and the dregs!

Others make complaints about idol idol. The first step is to play the glory of the king. So if you love beans suddenly become addicted to the king, you must be careful.

Now that Huang Junjie has been expelled from Zhang Qiling, the fans of the second dimension strongly demand to split him and Zhang Qiling.

At present, Huang Junjies stock has a TV drama flowers and a round moon which he cooperates with Li Gengxi.

In August, we just started a play. Both of them are male No.1. First, we pinch a cold sweat for our partners.

The original plan is that Huang Junjie will go to the GQ grand ceremony tomorrow night. Can he, who is already semi social dead, still attend it?

What will be the response of his team?

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