Li status quo sued Migu several media for infringement of portrait right, and the latter was sentenced to 10000 yuan compensation

 Li status quo sued Migu several media for infringement of portrait right, and the latter was sentenced to 10000 yuan compensation

On December 3, Beijing Internet court issued a civil judgment on the Internet infringement liability dispute between Li Xian and Migu digital media. According to the judgment, Migu company infringed upon Li Xians portrait right and had to publish an apology statement to Li Xian for 48 consecutive hours and compensate him for the economic loss of 10000 yuan.

According to the companys app search, recently, Migu Digital Media Co., Ltd., an affiliated company of Migu reading, recently added information related to a legal lawsuit. The plaintiff was actor Li Xian, and the cause of action was a dispute over network tort liability, with the case number of (2020) Jing 0491 and early Republic of China No. 16981.

In recent years, it has been common for stars to be infringed on their privacy rights. Most of them have succeeded in safeguarding their rights. However, there are also some cases of failure in safeguarding their rights. Before that, Ju Jingyi lost in the portrait right case.

Ju Jingyis portrait right case lost, the defendant was once claimed by Ju Jingyi for 400000 yuan

Netease Entertainment reported on October 27 that a blogger had sent an article saying he wanted to share the joy. He had been sued by Ju Jingyis company for infringement of his portrait right and claimed 400000 yuan for his article analysis of Ju Jingyis modeling. A few days ago, the blogger received a judgment, and the verdict was to reject Ju Jingyis claim. Although the blogger used Ju Jingyis portrait, he did not make any defamation on the portrait, and there was no commercial use of the portrait. Therefore, there was no infringement involved, and Ju Jingyi should bear all the costs of accepting the case.

Previously, the blogger had tweeted that his article did not involve infringement and believed that he could win.

Ju Jingyi seems to have been very concerned about other peoples evaluation of her appearance. Before that, she posted a video on her social account to share her daily face washing after work, recording a pimple and red and black circles on her face.. Ju Jing Yi half face to the lens, recorded his own face washing process, rubbing a dense foam on both cheeks and rinsing clean with water. After a full face, the skin smoothness of her skin looks very good. She also shows a pimples on her cheek specially for the camera. In addition to the close-up shots of acne on her face, Ju Jingyi also specially pulled up the corners of her eyes to show her dark circles. However, I dont know if it is the filter. Basically, its hard to see what Ju Jingyi called red and black circles. However, Ju Jingyi only showed half of her face when she washed her face. The video has also been specially edited. In particular, she should avoid rubbing her nose and open the corners of her eyes to make Netizens feel unusual. Many netizens wondered, what is she trying to prove? Want to prove that you are natural?

When there is constant controversy, its hard for Ju Jingfa to make people wonder her intention by such a video of raising her bangs and washing her face. However, netizens didnt buy Ju Jingyis practice, and even their attention was attracted by her eyes and nose. Ju Jingyi only showed half of her face, and her nose was pointed and very conspicuous. She was questioned by netizens that she was fake to terrible. When washing her face, she basically avoided rubbing her nose. She just skimmed a few times at the end of the day. When she pulled up her eyelids, netizens in the corner of her eyes were worried about her.

Before that, Ju Jingyi had no hairline on her head, which was a little different from that in her early photos. She was suspected that the hairline and amount of hair were fake. She had done hair transplants, pasted wig films, and applied hairline powder on her forehead. Therefore, some netizens said that Ju Jingyi was trying to prove that her hairline was true. During the event a few days ago, Ju Jingyi was found to be wearing a pirated dress. The white powdery marks on the black sleeves were also accused of smearing all over her body to show the white color. As a result, she rubbed and punctured her clothes.

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