Taiwan actress was nearly wanted before she was sentenced for fraud

 Taiwan actress was nearly wanted before she was sentenced for fraud

Ding Xiaoqin was originally a magazine model in Taiwan and produced a record at the age of 21. Since 2005, he has been brushing his face frequently on variety shows, becoming a veritable variety show. Later, it developed a sideline business of purchasing and opening stores.

In 2018, 12 Consumers jointly sued Ding Xiaoqin for fraud, including selling fake bags, using second-hand goods as new products, and even receiving money not to deliver goods. The amount of fraud is 170000 Taiwan dollars, which is about 39000 yuan less than 40000 yuan.

Ding Xiaoqins sentence to execution, from three years and six months to two years and six months, has also been a long time. Until November 25 this year, she had to go to the local prosecutors office to report, but when the time came, she disappeared and hid for six days. The local procuratorate had no choice but to issue a ticket for arrest.

The media even sent articles urging Ding Xiaoqin to go to prison. If Ding Xiaoqin still fails to appear in the case, he may become a wanted criminal. Finally, Ding Xiaoqin finally went to prison.

Netizens said that Ding Xiaoqin had been humiliated before. Why not leave the last bit of decency for herself?

After Ding Xiaoqin was sentenced, the two old people also said that their family was over. Ding Xiaoqins father and mother have no financial resources, the future life is certainly very sad, do not know what to do in the future.

Ding Xiaoqins parents have two children. They used to rely on Ding Xiaoqin and his younger brother to make a living, but now the situation is that the younger brother dies, and the daughter goes to prison, and instantly falls from heaven to hell. It is reported that Ding Xiaoqins younger brother died due to excessive drinking. When he was found, he had died suddenly at home, which makes people feel sad and also full of emotion.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Feng Xiaoyu_ NBJS12019